Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Happy Wednesday...evening! Let's see-so much has happened since the last time I was here!
Let us catch up with some photos first:

 Ken's race up in Estes Park...
-Can't believe he smiled at me before the race!

Colin after coming up the running part of the course...

Focus, Focus, Focus.

Maybe if I stand up my legs will quit shaking?

Yeah 2nd place in his first race!

 Sorry for the blur...This is the second race in Louisville...

 Go Ken, beat that guy!

 Run faster!...yeah I actually yelled that to him!

 Ken took 2nd again...rock star!!

Okay, here are a couple of pics of the pup from Halloween...
 Nut job!

 Here are a couple of pics of the bedroom and bathroom...still a work in the whole decorating part!

In other news, I started at my new office-at least getting the business stuff going. Man, that IRS can be obnoxious. I am totally loving it though.

Ken raced this weekend and moved up to Cat III, he had to start way back in the pack because of points...and he still took 6th! He is a nut!

Ken has been working until 8 or 9 or even later this week getting ready for Spyder's sales meeting. I miss him :-/ Don't worry-Jasper is laying on my legs so I am safe!

Hope you enjoyed-sorry it is short-but hey-lots of pictures!


  1. love the house pictures and jasper's halloween costume! we were lame and didn't dress up the doggies.

  2. Love the pictures of the races, Jasper and your bedroom!!! Can't wait to see it all in person!
    Our love to you all :-)

  3. Love the colors in the 2 rooms:)) nice placement! Thanks for the catch up and the great pics. Lots of love:-))