Friday, October 15, 2010

Lots of doing....

Hi there. has been so long! This week has been a little bit bonkers. Dr. C has been out of the office the past 3 days-which has been great and I have been super busy. Last night I went to youth group totally exhausted. Luckily the kids are amazing and I can feed off of their energy :-)

The rest of the ongoings have been just that....things that have happened. None too incredibly exciting (which was a nice break from last week). I did make a decision this week. I can't really share here yet, but it is a decision that is both exciting and liberating and dreadfully scary. It will change a lot of things, but I believe it will be in a good way. I look forward to sharing with you next week :-)

This weekend Ken and I are working at the house and then heading to Estes Park Sunday for some cyclocross racing (Ken and Colin...not me..hehehe). Fingers crossed for Estes Ice Cream....MMMMMM.

Alright..better get down to business! Just for fun, here is a pic of Jaspy begging pretty please for some dinner Errin is working on :-)

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