Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, it is true, I have been avoiding the blog world. Why? There is so much going on right now and it is a little scary! I know, I know...suck it up!

This weekend was a BLAST. Errin got ENGAGED...Congrats guys, Ken and I are SOOO excited for you! And then we met up with them on Sunday for Colin and Ken's cyclocross race. I have LOTS of pictures, but no connector cord. FAIL. They will come.

The race was a lot of fun...but lets step back a moment. Pre-race (ie-warm-up time for the guys) Jasper and I set out for a run up in the mountains. I threw on an extra long sleeve shirt for our adventure (this is important-you will understand in a few minutes). As we were heading out on the trail, I guy was trying to catch a dog. The dog belonged to this guys teammate and had nipped at the guy when he was getting something out of the car-the dog escaped and would not come when called (apparently she is very afraid of people). So, Salla headed for the hills-or more like mountains. The guy went chasing after the dog and Jaz and I went up a trail. We fully intended to keep an eye out for the evasive dog, but really I figured it would head back to the car.

Jasper and I had a lovely run...lots of up and downhill-good for the butt ;-)  We hit up all the trails, just in case the dog was somewhere up there (Keep in mind, this is a giant mountain/forest)  As we began our descent and streak of yellow flashed before us. No joke-I thought it was a mountain lion! We ran back to the cars so fast! When we got there, we were informed that the dog had not returned and the guys were still out looking for her. Jasper and I made one last trek up the mountain. This time, we didn't take a trail-we followed a fence line (we like to live on the edge...okay not really-normally I am a total wuss. I prayed that God would bring the dog back safely..I could not even imagine if that was Jasper-I may never have left the forest! We got to a open area and we just stood still for a while. Jasper knew something was up and just stood like a statue. Around a tree came Salla!! Oh my gosh!! I could not believe it! She was very standoffish and would not come to me. Great, I thought, we found her and now she won't come down the mountain.

In a last ditch effort, I tied Jasper (with that extra shirt) to a fallen tree and walked a little ways away. Sure enough, Salla went right over to him and they started licking each other. I went over to pet Jasper and Salla let me clip her onto the leash. Wheeeww! Somehow I managed to walk both dogs down the mountain (getting a few funny looks when I hit camp-Jasper WAS tied to a shirt!). Salla's owner called out to her, so we stopped and he put her on her leash. I have never seen a guy in spandex through a bike on the ground and love on a dog so much in my life. He was beyond thrilled to see her. Jasper was the hero of the day!!! I was VERY proud of him :-D

After the rescue, it was time for the race...yeah, we cut it a little close! Ken and Colin did great. Errin and I were the pit crew-handing water bottles and taking pictures galore. This was probably the first time I have seen Ken look exhausted on a bike before!...Maybe that was because he took 2nd place!!! What?! In his first cyclocross race?! Plus, he dropped his chain twice! The kid is amazing :-)

So that was the awesomeness, now on to the scary....Yesterday I gave my two weeks notice at the chiropractic office I work at. Scary, huh?!?! After a year, I just didn't feel like it was the place for me. I don't really like a lot about the way things are done there and it was time to move on. I say scary because it was a paycheck and the way things are these days, a paycheck is a paycheck. Luckily, my husband is awesome and supported my decision-apparently he doesn't want me to go insane so that is nice. On the brighter side, I have another office I am starting at beginning in November. I will be working as in independent contractor, so no guaranteed paycheck, but I have a great feeling about it. I will probably only work 3.5 to 4 days a week and try to pick up a third job-because I am cool like that ;-) Just until I get situated there and can start rebuilding my client base (I should be able to keep many of my patients)-fingers crossed! But yeah, things are a little nuts....never a dull moment, right?!

Here is to an excellent November....so excited for our Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving guests! Sorry that is is almost a book today!!!


  1. wow- big news! good luck on the new job...and pass along a congrats to errin and colin for me =)

  2. always in my prayers:-)) lots of love and congrats to all of you! so many great happenings!

  3. Congrats for many things! Dog rescuer, best pit crew, new job...Wow! What a week :-)
    We're VERY excited about Thanksgiving, too!!
    Always in our prayers.