Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Finally: I remembered my camera, I remembered my cord AND I figured out how to get them onto this computer!
Other than working and working out, yesterday was a little on the quiet side (other than the Chinese food...yum!)...so...here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

The is at the wedding reception in Kentucky...notice our group of 4 is together again :-)  This picture was taken as we were leaving....

 I was really terrible-that is the only picture I have from the whole trip-note to self: start taking more pictures!

Here are so pics from T and E's wedding over the weekend:

Gorgeous view from the ceremony...

 The Bride and Groom (and me trying to be artsy!)...

 Notice the lack of Bridesmaids...she is a rebel!

Ken and I at our table doing the awkward hold.your.own.camera.shot...

And this is us leaving. Apparently I can only do pictures as we are leaving and look messed up and tired. Great job me! I promise to do better in the future :-) 

Well, there you have it. On to the rest of Tuesday. Oh...and it is rainy and cold-even better! But...I have a lunch date with my wonderful husband :-)

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  1. Thanks for the pics I just love looking at beautiful photo's:-)) And I'm also not fond out our shorter days. Already feeling the need to want to hit the couch sooner.