Friday, September 3, 2010


Yawn...Good morning world of words.

I will openly admit that it was quite the struggle getting out of bed this morning. Yesterday was jam-packed-totally-full-no-time-for-anything-else!

Quick note about Wednesday: After work, Jasper, Ken and I went to Marshall Mesa for some trail running. Despite the fact that Ken has not "run" in quite some time, he is ridiculously fast (darn those long legs). He thought it would be fun to run some hill sprints (um-wow). Unfortunately, I ate too much lunch and didn't feel great-but I still did it :-) My husband is really amazing. I know I say that a lot-but it is true! I had a blast running with him and he has promised to help coach me a little bit with my running. I have no idea about speed workouts and all of those fun things.

On to yesterday...

Alarm goes ready, made breakfast, got lunch together...out of the house. Jasper stayed home yesterday, so it was just me and Ken on the drive in. We were a little late (time=7:20 am). Oops. Dropped Ken off at work and headed over to the church (time=8 am). Worked. Meetings. Planned. Leaving a little late (again) headed into work work (time=12:15 pm). Worked. Researched. Treated. Raced over to pick Ken up from a work dinner (he was a bit late..again). Rushed to church (time=7 pm). Hung out with fantastic students. Worshiped our amazing God. Small group time. Debriefed with some leaders. Headed home (time=9:45 pm). Got home. Sat on the couch to "wind down." Had a much needed "mocktail"-sparkling water + grapefruit juice. Collapsed into bed (time=10:45 pm). Done.

All in all it was a great day. I am exhausted today and very thankful it is Friday. On the agenda: Work, meeting with a high school leader, stopping at a boys soccer game, home, dinner + movie on the couch, cuddle with the husband and GO TO BED!

Happy Friday...enjoy the 3 day weekend...I WILL post pics-hopefully tomorrow :-)

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