Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I cannot believe it is September already. Like, really cannot believe it.

September has always been one of my favorite months. Even living in southern California, I made September the month that fall began. Don't get me wrong, I know it was still well over 100 degrees and one of the hottest months, but I still called it fall. And I LOVE fall!! My second love for September was the start of the school year. Oh, how I loved shopping for new pencils and spiral folders. I was a little bit sad this year when I saw all of the school stuff hit the stores and realized I had no reason to buy anything. I LOVE(d) school too. Alas, on to real life.

Yesterday evening was interestingly busy. I rushed from work over to Louisville to get my hair cut! First time in about 7 months! Terrible, I know. I honestly had not had it cut due to lack of time. Yikes. I loved the lady who cut it! She is going to come in and get treated. I love trading :-)
When we were finished, I zipped back to Boulder to get Ken and from there we headed to the Apple store to run and errand for Ken. Don't worry, he didn't walk out with any crazy new toy or anything. We ran in and out...fairly quickly ;-)

We got home at 6:30-the time we had set to have our friend Kelly and her Vizsla, Zaya, over for dinner. Luckily, Kelly was running a little late too and super-luckily, Errin pretty much had everything done for dinner already!! Thanks Errin, you are awesome!! We chatted while we ate and then Kelly helped Ken and I decide where to put what color on the walls in our bedroom. She is super style-ish!

Seeing as Jasper and Zaya were going crazy, we decided to take them over to the open space and let the loose. Boy did they have a BLAST! They ran and ran and ran...until we couldn't see them anymore (because it was dark...hehe). It was amazing to watch them. Unfortunately, Jasper took one turn too close to me and whacked the back of my calf. OUCH. It still hurts today-Thanks Jaz!

At home, I proceeded to paint my toenails and fingernails! I know-pamper me day :-) It has to happen sometime :-)

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