Monday, September 6, 2010

A picture is worth.....

First Race

Me and the pup

Jasper digging a hole to nowhere

Just love this picture

Aren't I pretty?

My super cute husband (no crashes at this race!)

Waiting for the awards ceremony

First Place!!!!

The only other picture I have from Race 2 (it was an eventful day!)

Pre-Race 3...I woke him up with coffee in bed. Neither of them were too thrilled to get up.

What an ugly place to ride

Errin and Jaspy

Ken getting ready to start

My truck commercial ;)

I will fill you in on our weekend doings tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the pics of our mountain bike racing summer!


  1. Thank you for the much anticipated pictures! We did enjoy them. Would have liked to be there to cheer everyone on!

  2. Awesome :-) Thanks for the photos love watching you grow!