Monday, September 13, 2010

Bad Blogger

So it has been FOREVER since I have posted. I promise I have a good reason.

Since last Thursday, life has been non-stop!

Thursday I had church meetings, work and then an amazing dinner with Ken. Oh My Gosh. Ken was given a gift card to an amazing restaurant in Boulder. I really can't even tell you how good it was-mmmmm. We had an appetizer, both had amazing meals and each finished with phenomenal desserts. It was heavenly! By the time we got home, we crashed into bed.

Friday and Saturday I had continuing education classes. I spent about 12 hours each day learning lots of fun things to try on my patients. It was great...but super long! And that meant-no Saturday for me :-( While I was stuck in Denver, Ken worked on the flooring in our bedroom (more on that later).

Sunday I decided that we would only go to the second service at church. After 2 super long days I needed to sleep in a bit (6:50 am!!!). It was so nice to lay in bed! Errin and I made some super yummy breakfast that we found in the new Rachael Ray Magazine. It was delish! Then, Ken and I headed to church. It was an interesting morning as the Elders announced that our lead Pastor was not returning to the church. There were many mixed emotions on that one throughout the congregation.

I had lunch with a student who spent her first 6 years of life in Russia and then was adopted and moved to Maryland. She has quite the story. When I got home, Errin and I went for a road bike ride. We rode fast, even though we didn't plan on doing that! While we were out, we saw smoke from 3 fires-yup-we have more fires in our area. They are no where near our house, but the air quality was still suffering.

At home, Ken and I worked on our bedroom. I am happy to say that we moved back in!!! We finally slept in our bed after over 3 months in the guest room! It was wonderful! It may take a little while for Jasper to get used to it-he was up 3 times last night :-/

Sorry about the lack of posting-I will be better now :-)

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