Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 days of freedom and a fire

Good morning! I hope you had a lovely three day weekend. Ours was pretty good-lots of stuff done and somehow still too short.

Friday we hit up a high school soccer game to watch one of our students dominate as goalie. He did a fantastic job. Jasper was pretty excited because he got to come watch too :-) When we got home, we made a yummy dinner and crashed on the couch for some movie time. Ken was sweet enough to watch The Last Song with me. Yes, that is a Nicholas Sparks book and a total chick flick. I love my husband! We called it a night before 10:30 pm-Yes, I know it was Friday night.

Errin and Colin headed up to Aspen/Snowmass for the long weekend and had a blast mountain biking and watching some volleyball.

Saturday we got out of bed late-about 6:50. We love days where we get to sleep in :-) The day was filled with wall cleaning, sanding, shopping for paint and such and PAINTING! We started our bedroom!!! We literally spent the whole day in hardware stores and our bedroom. We had a late dinner and watched some T.V. before heading to bed.

Sunday morning we were up early for a nice 4ish mile run before church. We ate a quick breakfast and were out the door just after 8. I had to be at church early to help set up for a fall fair. Church was great and the fair was a lot of fun-but we didn't finish cleaning up and leaving until about 2! There went that day! When we got home, we set out on the second paint color in our room (cookie crumb!). We finished the first coat on the 3 walls and called it a day. Dinner was again late and quite a mismosh of leftovers/a sandwich. About an hour of chillaxing on the couch and time for bed!

Yesterday was a little more exciting. We had banana pancakes for breakfast....YUM! That was a great way to start the day :-) We finished painting (for now-touch ups to come) and then Ken started working on the floor. It is quite the project-he is a tough cookie! I cleaned up the house, did some laundry and watched Ken cut and lay flooring. Colin and Errin got home about 4. Errin was sweet enough to make dinner-a real meal-and not at 8:00 at night. We did some more working on the floor and then joined them on the couch to watch Clash of the Titans (I am mostly sure that is the correct title). I kind of fell asleep for part of it...shocker!

In other Monday news-there is now a very large fire burning in the mountains of Boulder. It is up a canyon that Ken rides quite a bit. The smoke is terrible and it is burning my eyes and nose, while in the office! We are praying for all of the people who are fighting the fire up there-as well as the people who have lost their homes or whose homes are still in danger.

That's all I have this morning :-) Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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