Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Tie Dye Kind of Night

Welcome to Wednesday. I am very happy to be halfway through the week. I am pretty ready for the weekend. Actually-I will be happy when we get to Friday! Only one more day!!

Yesterday was work and then errands and then home to run. Because I was done early, Ken rode home so I could get there earlier to get my workout :-) Jasper and I ran about 5 miles with some speed work in the mix...thanks, hon!

I am now working on training for my second 5K which I will be running at the end of the month. My goal is to beat my first race time of 25:43. Ken is helping me out by giving me specific workouts to do to increase my speed. My knees are driving me a little nuts, but other than that, I am loving the running. Jasper thinks it is great too.

Speaking of Jasper....Errin received a package yesterday with a T-shirt from a tournament earlier in the summer. She loved it so much that she thought she would put it on Jasper...
Cute, isn't he?? He wore the shirt for the entire evening! Laid on the couch in it...and didn't really want Ken to take it off of him.
Unfortunately, some of our favorite shows have returned to the air. Now, you would think that is a good thing-and yes, it is nice-but that means that we watch them, which means things don't get done. I better get on that ;-)
Today I ran about 5 more miles before work at "tempo"-cool word. And after work, I am going home for dinner and then heading to church for a worship event :-) Never a dull moment!

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  1. SO glad the shirt went to Jasper! People in this century (or any other) should not wear tie dye ;-)