Friday, August 20, 2010

F.R.I.D.A.Y! That one words makes me giggle with excitement...I LOVE Fridays! Let me explain why....

Yes, it is still a day of work...but
*It is the promise of two free days to come
*Most of the time people are pretty laid back (or in other words...exhausted)
*I get out at 3!
*Ken and I are rebellious and often times stay up past our 10:00 bedtime :-)

Fridays are just great.

Ken made his Friday even better, he took the day off of work. We will call it his Granted, he spent the morning slathering primer on our bedroom ceiling. Two coats of paint and we are moving on from that project! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! I cannot wait to start the floor and walls. Back to my going to go for quite the road ride today. LONG. I am pretty darn jealous.

Here is my plan for the day:
*Ken finishes his ride at my office so we can drive home together (convenient, eh?)
*Drive home to drop off his bike and let him shower
*Pick up my race packet (butterflies, anyone?)
*Trick Ken into going to the grocery with me (or SPROUTS!!)
*Go for a pre-race run
*Clean up the house
*Figure out what we are eating for dinner
*Go to bed a a reasonable hour so I pop out of bed in the morning!

Fun, huh?

I am getting pretty excited for next is the's birthday :-D For sure something I celebrate!

Hope y'all have a great Friday and weekend! I will let you know how the race goes...dun dun dun!

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  1. I'm excited for your race, too. You guys are in such great shape and you're getting to use it in a fun way. We'll be looking for your results tomorrow. Just keep thinking...keep on running, keep on running, keep on running ;-)
    Have a great time!