Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Emergency meeting

Hello and happy mid-week to you!

I had the unfortunate experience of waking up and thinking today was Saturday. Bummer! Only a few more days I guess :-/

So...last night as Ken and I were going to sleep (yes, we are old and were in bed at 10:00) I got a phone call saying that I needed to be at a meeting at 8:30 this morning at the church. So much for my start late/work out morning!

I dropped Ken off at Spyder and headed over for my "emergency meeting." Turns out the elders at the church asked our lead pastor to take a little 30 day vacay. Or more of a 30 day...figure out what direction you want to go and see if it matches where the church as a whole wants to go. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. Interesting to be on a church staff and see what happens behind the scenes. I am sure I will have more to say on the situation as it unfolds.

As far as exciting exercise goes....I am really focusing this week on being ready for my race Saturday. I am all signed up and am excited to pick up my packet on Friday! So what have I done?

Monday (after a hurricane like storm on the way home)-it was crazy-I went out for a run with Jasper. We ran nice and hard....and almost ate it several times! I bruised the tip of a finger catching my self.

Yesterday I had a 3 hour break from the time work ended to a meeting I had to attend. I hopped on my bike and headed over to Flagstaff (a local mountain I had not yet been brave enough to attempt). When I got there (I got lost several times getting there) I decided it was "now or never." I climbed and climbed and loved every minute. I made it to the amphitheater! This is a common turn around point. The mountain continues up and it is called SUPER FLAGSTAFF (totally deserving of all capital letters). I did not have enough time yesterday....bummer-next time it is ON! I really really loved the climb and felt pretty darn strong. The icky part is the ride down...blech! I would have traded with any of the people I passed that were going upwards. Funny...I probably saw about 15 guys out there but no other women. Awesome! Can't wait to ride it again...maybe with Ken!!!

Today I am headed home for nice little run. Nothing too crazy :-)

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