Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Review

Hello Monday morning! I hope that everyone had a wonderful last couple of days. Ours was pretty great :-)

Saturday was my first 5K and it was fun! We got to the location about 50 minutes before the start of the race so that I could warm up and do a little stretching. Ken and Jasper jogged around with me and Ken gave me some pre-race pointers :-) Just about race time, we headed over to the starting area. Colin came to cheer for me too! I was a little nervous just before we started, but when they said go, I went! I passed Ken, Colin and Jasper (Jasper barked FOR me!! He was a little upset that he trained so hard with me and then didn't get to race). The first mile was great. My pace was a little faster than I normally run, but it felt good. I grabbed some water at the water station and tried to drink it. Bad idea! I think the water was a little too cold and gulping down all of the air with it made my feel kind of sick. I kept going though!

Yeah, I caught him :-) This is where Ken, Colin and Jasper cheered for me :-D

I didn't know my ponytail bounced that much!

I am trying to out-sprint the woman in green. It kind of looks like I am skipping or falling backwards. I was trashed at that point!

I fought it out with a could male runners. We fought back and forth for position. After the turn around point, all I could think of was FINISH LINE. I ran as fast as my legs would let me go and went right past the water station on the way back. None for me, thanks! When I was getting close to the finish, this lady tried to pass me. There was no way I was going to let her win, so I kicked it into a low gear and finished hard. I came in at about 25 minutes and 48 seconds, according to Ken. Somehow I did not even look at the actual time. It was about a 8.17 minute mile pace. I had 2 goals when I set out: 1-Don't finish last, 2-Try for under 30 minutes. I did both!! They were very quick putting up the results and I was shocked to see that I medaled in my age group! Woohoo! Ken was very proud of me :-) But that meant we had to wait around for an hour for the ceremony. It was a good thing the sponsors did such a great job feeding us! Apples, grapes, yogurt, bagels, water and apple juice. Mmmm good!

After I picked up my second place cow bell (it was called the Holy Cow Trail Stampeded after all), we headed home. Ken and I headed out to run some errands (after I showered of course) and just enjoyed spending the day together. Ken even napped in the afternoon. We had a church meeting that evening, so much for crashing on the couch.

Sunday I had to be at both services for church due to the announcement about our Pastor being asked to step away for 30 days. It went much better than expected. People at least seemed to respect the decision of the Elders.

After church, Ken and I met up with Errin and Colin to go mountain biking. Keep in mind, I have not been on my mountain bike in over a year. Hmmmm....It was a little weird getting used to it and then we set right out into the rocky terrain. I won't lie, for the first 1/3rd of the ride, I walked just as much as I rode. I really just wanted to leave my bike on the side of the mountain and go find my running shoes. NOT A FAN! Errin was nice enough to wait for me...a lot!

Lucky for me, the farther into the trail we got, the less rocky it became. Thank goodness!!! I enjoyed the middle section of the ride a lot and didn't really mind the ride back. I rode about 75% more on the ride back to the car (I was too tired to get off and push anymore!). And, I guess I got more comfortable with the bike too ;-)

When we got home, we were famished so we feasted on some fabulous Chinese food and some milk shakes. I finally got my crash.on.the.couch time when we sat down to partake in Couple's Retreat. It was pretty funny and it definitely felt good to sit down for a bit. The only downside....all of the things I wanted to get done before the start of the week got postponed! Oops!

Happy almost Birthday Ken!!!!


  1. congratulations on your first race! you're a superstar! =)

  2. Nice Job! Very awesome! (the ponytail reminded me of Jeff's hair when he ran cross country the first year) Love the photo's:-))

  3. Again, good job, kiddo! Glad you enjoyed it, too!