Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New summer hours!

Hi there!
Hope you are having a great week :-) We are!

I am happy to report that Ken is doing well. He says he is about 95% back to normal with just a little achiness lingering. I am so glad! Because he is not allowed to ride his bike out of the driveway, he has been riding after work the last couple of days on the trainer at home. I am glad that he is getting his cycling fix in the confines of our backyard. One more day and then he is able to get back out there and conquer the streets and trails!

Monday I decided not to ride and to, instead, take Jasper out for a run. We were out for about an hour with a little Jaspy swim thrown in. He hates it when I am the only one to throw sticks out into the water for him because, lets face it, I throw like a girl! Or more like a girl who has dislocated her shoulder one too many times! But alas, we had a blast out in the hot weather.

Yesterday started the real newness of our summer office hours. We started at 7:30 in the morning and went to 3 in the afternoon. It was AWESOME! I love it! I got to ride home (which made it even better). It was a great 20 miles and I pulled into the driveway just after Ken and Jasper got home! After a little snack and a trip to Walmart for a scraper, I began the task of taking the popcorn off of our bedroom ceiling. It is a great shoulder workout!

Today our office opened at 10, so I got to ride IN to work. Hello 20 more miles, my legs are a little tired-thanks! I love starting my day off with some good exercise. Ken dropped in at lunch to get a quick adjustment and drop off the part of my lunch I left in the car this morning. Oops!

We shall see what the rest of the day holds in store! Should be great :-)

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  1. I'm liking the riding. But, feeling your pain on the popcorn scraping, sorry you had to learn that one.