Tuesday, July 13, 2010

back again

Hello hello hello!!!

I am finally back in blogging action. Sorry for the hiatus, but I was away from the computer for awhile.

Let me tell you a bit about my little electronic vacay....
So, last week I went to CIY (Christ In Youth). This is a summer camp for High School kids that focuses on God and getting to know Christ and how to walk with Him daily. We took 18 kids (and there were 5 of us leaders). I have to say, it was a mind blowing experience. I absolutely LOVED it! The speakers were phenomenal, the classes were great, I got to lead a lot of our time together (which was scary at first, but in the end it was fantastic), our group was exceptionally well-behaved....WHAT?! 15 year old boys were well-behaved?!?! I was honestly blown away. Our group cherished our time together and we didn't want to come back home (kinda).

Some of the hardest parts of camp were: the food (you know it is bad when those 15 year old boys I was talking about wouldn't eat it!), the dorm beds and showers (how did I do that for a year?) and missing Ken. Ken went up to Wyoming to enjoy some time with his parents (and Jasper). He rode the dirt bike, his mountain bike, went Jeeping and hiking. It sounded like he had a blast too! But it was the longest we had been apart since being married and it was hard. I really don't know how we did the long distance thing for so long, saying goodnight over the phone stinks!

After making it home on Saturday all I wanted to do was S.L.E.E.P! Five hours of sleep a night is just NOT enough :-/ Sunday morning I got to run our youth group get together and it focused on camp. Pretty much the kids just shared what they loved and had learned. It was great. Ken and I just enjoyed hanging out together and loved every minute.

Yesterday was back to the grind. Both of us had a lot of catch up to do at work. I had an 8 year old come in for a new patient exam and am really excited to see what I can do for him! After work, we met up with Errin and Colin to play some sand volleyball. Oh.My.Gosh.....I can hardly move today....it is like all of my muscles want to go on strike. I have not played volleyball in a LOOONGGG time (and not since my last 3 shoulder dislocations) so I was a bit tentative. Luckily, they are all very patient. I am pretty sure I need to grow another 4 or 5 inches to hang with them. They are all soooo good!

Well, I think that is a good overview. Hope you all had a lovely week...I should be better at my blogging from now on ;-)

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