Monday, June 28, 2010

slip and crash

Hello there!
Sorry that I, again, disappeared for a while-I promise that I have a good reason this time!

Let's take a little trip back to Thursday...

Thursday morning I had church meetings from 8:30 until 12:00. We went over the event that was going to occur that night and I was EXCITED! Parking lot bowling and a slip and slide. What could be better on a hot summer evening? The day went on and I went about work as usual. Saw a couple of patients and then headed back to church for what I expected to be a fun filled night!

It started off great! We had hamburgers, sang some worship songs and then dove into some parking lot bowling. My girls CRUSHED it with the cantaloupes and mini watermelons! The Cornish game hens were a little bit more tricky! It was!!!

And then came the slip and slide :-/ It started off fine. The kids were lathering themselves up in baby oil and Crisco and hitting the slide. Now-there was NO way you were getting me to go down that disgusting slide..GROSS...and Ken thought he would compromise and go down on his feet (I believe I mentioned that it was not a good idea twice, but boys will do what boys will do).

He took a running start at it and for a while it looked like he was going to be successful! And then the problems started...Somehow he got turned around and the next thing I knew his feet were in the air and the left side of his face and head were hitting the ground. SMACK. The ground was not soft, forgiving grass was hard dirt with some grass on top. I will never forget the look of shock and blankness on his face. I really thought that maybe he had broken his jaw :-(

For a split second I wondered if he was kidding (as he sometimes does) because he sat up...but when he fell back over I knew something was wrong. Keep in mind, I had hold of Jasper's leash for the coming events-somehow I don't even remember holding on to him! I ran over to Ken (as did a couple of other leaders and some students) he was dazed and spacey, but conscious (thankfully). After making sure his neck was okay, we moved him a few feet away from the slide so no one would run into him. This is where I got a I have never used the "I'm a doctor, move" line before, but I did at that point and got people out of my way (so I am a little protective). His pupils were normal and he was able to pay attention and answer the kid's favorite question, "How many fingers am I holding up?" But that is where it ended. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him have a few minutes, but when he started repeating things for the third time I knew we were going to make a little trip to the Emergency Room-just to be safe.

I didn't want to freak the kids out so I grabbed his waist (his balance was fine-no stumbling) and we headed to the youth room to put on his shoes and grab my purse. I continued asking him questions (date, time, etc.-all things to figure out his orientation)-Doctor Mode. It was really hard for him to come up with most of the answers-although-he had no problem counting down from 100 by 2's! Who knew!? He asked me things like, "which cars did we drive here tonight?" and "why are we here?" Hello concussion! I dragged him out to the car and he waited while I pulled my bike out and put the windows up on the truck. Luckily he could tell me how to get the keys out of the ignition (I was a little preoccupied and didn't see the little lever on the side). I found his wallet and eventually (because he couldn't remember at the time) we discovered that his phone was in the truck and not out in the field. People were so awesome asking what they could do to help or who they could call, but I had it under control (Control freak? No. Efficient? I think so) :-) Just so you know, Ken doesn't remember anything from the time he went running onto the slide to the time we were AT the hospital. Must be weird to be missing chunks!

It was an interesting trip to the hospital. Ken kept asking if he had been knocked out and that he was starting to remember things (not so much darling, you asked me that 3 minutes ago). But it was good that he kept talking to me :-) I had called Errin and she and Colin met us at the hospital (and thankfully she had a dry sweatshirt Ken could change into). Matt (who I work with at church) also joined us for a while. It was nice to have people there with us :-) Errin and Colin went and picked up the truck from the church too and that was awesome! The visit went well and Ken was checked out and released. I liked the ER doc and actually agreed with what he said, so that made things all the easier. After we were done, it was time to head home-with the instructions-no bikes for a week....sorry love!

It was amazing how fast things happened and it really made me realize that I should cherish every moment that we have together....I might have taken this a bit far with my over-protectiveness and baby-ing this weekend...but hey, he didn't complain ;-) Maybe the fact that I stayed up all but an hour and a half Thursday night to make sure he was still breathing and could wake up was a bit overkill ;-)

Friday we both stayed home from work and took it easy. We went to a few stores and just walked around....slowly! When we got home I told Ken he needed to take a nap-he didn't fight me on that one! I made a carrot cake and at 5:30 we headed to some friend's house where we had a lovely dinner and I got baptized! FINALLY! It was fantastic :-)

Saturday was kind of a la-la day. Ken went out with Errin and Colin and looked at trucks. Me, being the overprotective one I am, thought that was a little long and while he was tired when he got home, but had a great time. We took Jasper to the dog park for a little bit and then got rained out :-( At least he got to play with his friends for a while. At 6:30 Ken and I headed down to Denver to have drinks (Ken can't have anything "grown-up" to drink for a week-so he had a Sprite and I had a glass of wine). This was our "good-bye" get together as Taylor and his fiance are moving up to the Aspen area this week! That night we went to be pretty early-no complaining here!

Sunday I got to teach at church again (for the high school group) and it was a lot of fun. They were all excited to see Ken there and to make sure he was okay. It was cute. After church we headed to Costco to pick up some (on sale) laminate flooring for our room! It is going to be awesome-I will take lots of pictures when we get started on it! Later that afternoon Ken and I went to a church staff party and enjoyed a great time and good food with awesome people. When we got home, we watched Invictus with Errin and Colin. I thought it was good...but fell asleep off and on during the movie. what?? was late! ;-)

And now on to a...hopefully....less dramatic week!

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  1. omg, i'm so glad kenny is okay! man, why do people close to you keep getting concussions?! hehe, just kidding.