Thursday, June 3, 2010

electronic vacation

Hey there! I hope that everyone is doing well. I know Ken, Jasper and I are...because...we are in Wyoming. Yup...vacation :-) After work last Friday we made the drive up here and I must say, it could not have come at a better time. Errin and Colin had made the trip up here the day before so Jasper was a little confused as to how they got here.

On Monday we went to Yellowstone and it was great. (I have tons of pics but don't have my cord with me-so they will be coming). Jasper spent the day in the back of the truck and was a perfect angel. We saw lots of elk and buffalo and even a moose!

It has been rainy so we have not been outside as often as usual (we got snowed on while we went hiking) but it has been just as much fun hanging out inside. Jasper has showed both his mannered side and his complete-disregard-for-what-we-say side. Several times he has run into the neighbor's horse field and we have had to chase him down.

On a good note, he is completely afraid of Spooky (cat) and has become great friends with Bootsie (cat). Mango has taken to the bedroom and just tries to stay away from all things Jasper.

It is nice to have some downtime! Sorry it is short...but I am enjoying being VERY lazy (and doing a lot of reading!)

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