Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another pictureless post

Sorry for my lack of picture posting and boy do I have some good ones! I will post them...really.

The rest of our stay in Wyoming was great (minus the lack of sun to ride in). We got to go hiking on Friday and ended up doing a lot of it on snow (while it rained on us). But, nevertheless, it was great. Ken drove all the way home on Saturday because we brought the truck and trailer back-Rock Star! It was a nice drive, especially because Jasper slept all but the last hour (I think he loves the truck).

On Sunday, Ken and I went to church and after a quick lunch and some catching up around the house, we did what we had been waiting for: WENT RIDING! Errin and I started our first and were met by Ken and Colin. We rode together for a while and then Errin and I turned around and headed home. My legs were FLAT! Be it the lack of riding for a week or (as Ken believes) the fact the I drank about 3/4 of a small water bottle and it was very hot. Whatever it was, BLAH-I almost didn't make it home (okay-that is an exaggeration). But hey-I was back on the bike.

After work yesterday Ken, Jaspy and I went to Marshall Mesa. Ken rode his mountain bike while Jasper and I ran...it was about 94 degrees....BLECK! Jasper was not a fan of the heat. He was, on the other hand, a fan of jumping into any water he could find! We were out for just over an hour-welcome back to exercise :-)

After a lovely Southwestern salad dinner (YUM)-thanks Errin!!...Ken replaced my garbage disposal (the old one exploded-YUCK). I was very thankful that I was less than 24 hours without the second side of my sink! Thanks Love!

Today I brought my bike to work and I am going to ride home! I am pretty darn excited. The only problem: it is taunting me...tempting me...and saying "just leave work and ride me!" I will have to tell it to calm down and wait a little while longer :-)

Hope y'all have a fantastic Tuesday!

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