Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Monday...

I think we need to take Mondays out of the week and insert another Friday or something. Doesn't that sound better?

This weekend was great!

First off, Friday was so much fun. I picked Jasper up from Ken so that he could ride home. When Jasper and I got home, I went out for a little spin on my bike. I discovered a new trail (always awesome). When Ken got home, we cleaned up and headed out to do a little "shopping." I say shopping, but all we ended up buying were some batteries for my bike computer (I was really, really excited about this!). While we were out, we stopped at TGI Fridays for dinner. It was super yummy and I even had leftovers to take home :-)

Saturday...the most anticipated day of my week...we got up early to climb (on our road bikes) up Left Hand Canyon in Boulder. I have to admit, I was very nervous about this and thus was up at 6-well before the alarm clock. I tried twice last year to make it to the top and to no avail. Ken and Colin were planning on meeting some other guys in Boulder and doing more of a group climb...but not too long after Errin and I began climbing I got a phone call saying that the group was doing something different. I was pretty sad about that because it was going to be my first REAL attempt at making it to Ward (the town at the top). Now, I don't know if Ken told me that he and Colin were still going to climb up towards us (cell phone in the canyon=static), but when he caught me part way up the mountain I was SOOOO excited to see him!! He went on ahead to the top and came back to ride the rest of the way up with me. And....dun dun dun....I made it!!! Ken was so great and encouraged me through the tough last part of the climb. It was brutal...Really! I cannot tell you enough how great it was to have him there when I made it to the top! Errin made it to the top too and then crushed the downhill-I wish I was that brave on the descent! We felt like rock stars when we got back to the car :-)

Once we met back up with the guys (they went a different route back into Boulder) we had some fantastic Chinese food for lunch...mmmmm.....Ken and I then went to a high school baseball game-I keep learning more and more of the rules! That night we watched AVATAR (Ken and I had never seen it)...The movie was very interesting (I have to admit, I slept through the final fight scene-so tired!). We didn't even hop into bed until after 12!!

Sunday...Ken and I got up about 6:30 to get ready for church...not.enough.sleep....I made waffles and LOTS of coffee! I got to teach on making choices and I think it went pretty well. Boy, do I love those high school students! After some lunch, Ken headed out to mountain bike with Errin and Colin and I stayed home to clean. I was in desperate need of some Windex therapy ;-) I am happy to say that our house now sparkles. In the midst of cleaning, I ran with Jasper and we hit up the dog park. There were TONS of dogs there (Father's day and everything) and Jasper didn't know what to do with himself. I got the nicest compliment (not the usual: gorgeous, beautiful, "streamline"-yeah got that one once), someone said, "I wish my dog was that well behaved." I was so proud!

Now, I am trying to make it through Monday-so far so good! Possibly shopping for a ceiling fan (today or tomorrow) with Kelly...down with the broken ugly one in our bedroom!

Until next time....

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