Thursday, June 17, 2010

long day

Hello Thursday and hello long day!

Hope that you are all having a splendid week. I feel a little bit like it is never going to end. Yesterday after work I went riding with Errin and Kelly (a good friend that works with Ken). We had SO much fun and were out for almost 2 hours! Time goes by so quick when you are gabbing away on the bike. After a very delicious spaghetti dinner, Ken and I went to King Soopers. It is bad when you have withdrawals from not going to the grocery store. We rarely shop together, so it was a nice treat to have him with me. I loved every minute of it.

Today I took Jasper to the dog park at about 7:50. A lot of dogs started coming in at 8...who knew people were out that early?! He had a blast running around with his new friends. He got to stay home with Colin today (lifesaver) seeing as Ken and I will both be home late.
This morning I met with one of the junior girls from church. It is amazing how grown up some of the kids are. When they have a tough story to hear it makes them seem older. We had some yummy Starbucks and chatted away.

After my "meeting" I wandered about Boulder. It was nice to have a little break before coming into work. I am here until 7 (I am much more of a morning person) and then am headed home. Ken is going mountain biking after work and I am sure he will have such a blast. It is gorgeous out for the second day in a row (a bit windy though). He thinks he will be home about 10! Late night for him!!

Almost Friday!

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