Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BIke to work day!

Good morning!
First things first, Monday I got to go for a nice one hour bike ride. It was awesome to get out for an easy spin after Saturday's adventure.

Yesterday Jasper and I went for a 45 minute trail run :-) It felt great to get out. He spent a lot of time playing in the water that goes along the trail. Oh my little fish!
After we got home, we had a quick dinner and then met up with Kelly. She helped us pick out a ceiling fan for our bedroom (seeing as ours decided to break-it is okay-it was really ugly!). Ken, Kelly and I wandered through Costco and Home Depot and eventually said our goodbyes. Always too soon....Kelly is so much fun to hang out with ;-) would only be 9 hours until I would get to see her again!

This morning Kelly and I rode our bikes to work for "Bike to work day." I left the house about 6:05 and met her about 6:30. We enjoyed our nice cruise in (minus the giant potholes we had to watch out for) and were excited to hit up some of the Breakfast Stations that were set up along the way. After dropping Kelly off at Spyder and picking up my clothes from Ken (thanks for not making me ride all the way in with them), I rode a little bit further to my office (amazingly I found a spot with banana bread and another with breakfast burritos on my way). It was AWESOME and I cannot wait to ride in some more (maybe one or two times a week?). All in all I clocked in just over 23 miles, though one of those was just putsing around town looking for food ;-)

Tonight, Ken is riding in his first short track mountain bike race of the season-oh course I am going to miss it! Booo! But...I am going to see Girls Only-a comedy show based on everything woman! A patient is in it, so that makes it extra cool! I am soooo excited!! I am going with Monique (she works with me) and we are going to have a BLAST!

Hope your Wednesday is as fun filled as mine! I just realized what a long day it is going to be....better find some coffee later!

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