Monday, April 5, 2010


Good morning and happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend :-)

I am so bad at weekend blogging. Somehow I never seem to have time to sit down in front of the computer. I guess that is a good thing.

Quick recap:

Friday: Work On a fun note, this amazing bouquet of flowers was delivered just as I was leaving thanks to my parents and sister...

Also, the wine that Ken and I ordered at our tasting last week came in! You should have seen me walking to my car with my purse, work bag, a huge box and a vase of flowers. I was pretty proud that I did not drop anything!

I picked Jasper up from Ken on my way home-he was happy to see me for sure. On the way home he thought he would be funny and jumped from the back of the car into the backseat. I was going to be really mad at him, but he plopped down and rested his head on the box of wine-Too cute to get yelled at...I'm a softy, I know!

When we got home, I raced around the house getting ready to pick up Abby (one of my high school girls) and then headed to church to serve Seder dinner. It was me and about 10+ high schoolers serving and we had A LOT of fun (plus a lot of work too!). I was told that I could pass for being in high school...good thing? After dinner, more of the high schoolers joined us and we watched The Passion. WOW. I have seen it before, but WOW-so intense. Thank you Jesus for giving Your life on the cross so that we may live with you forever in Heaven!! You know it makes an impact when you get a room of high schoolers crying.
Ken and I made it home about tired!

Saturday: A little bit lazy :-) We got out of bed about 7:45-which is SUPER late for us! Ken, Jasper and I had waffles for breakfast, yes you read that right! We spent the morning cleaning up the house and I finished cleaning the carpets in the basement. Yipeeee-done with carpet cleaning for awhile. Ken decided to begin a pretty big project: SHELF BUILDING. I am SOOO excited...I CANNOT wait to have me some shelves!!!! (Pics to come) AT about 5 we set out for some shopping: Harbor Freight, Lowes...CiCi's Pizza (YUM) and New York and Company! Yipee for work clothes!!

Sunday: EASTER!!!! Upon waking up to the alarm clock (boo) I jumped out of bed to hide Easter eggs and a Ken/Jasper combined basket. I am pretty sure that I was more excited than they were! After everything was hidden, I summonsed the boys to begin the search. It was so fun watching them look around. I thought I would share....

I had to play Hot/Cold with Ken to find the the washing machine!

Aren't they cute?! Jasper figured out how to open his eggs so he could get to the yummy treats inside...smarty pants!

Ken and I ate a quick breakfast before heading to our 8 am church service. It was wonderful, of course! When we got home we had a bite of ice mouth didn't really know what to do with the cold. I am proud to say that Ken and I both made it through Lent with no cheating! After lunch, we were back to work on the shelves...measuring, painting and the likes. We both took a break to ride (hello beautiful weather!). I rode for an hour and 10 minutes and loved it! SOOOO good! Post-ride and in the middle of painting boards I made a ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole-turned out a little odd, mashed potatoes and some rolls. We were STUFFED! We took a break from eating in order to finish painting, do the dishes and start putting up parts of the shelves. I also threw some laundry in before cutting into my homemade banana cream pie...OH MY melted in our mouths....I can still taste it while thinking about it and cannot wait to have some more tonight!

This morning Ken and I didn't want to get out of bed. I guess his throat was a little scratchy and so he called into work and said he would not be in today. So while I was getting ready, he got BACK IN BED! *JEALOUS SOME* So now, I am going about my pretty busy workday wishing I was home with my 2 boys! And secretly hoping I have shelves when I get there ;-)

Until next time....

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  1. First Easter weekend in your home sounds like a success:-))