Friday, April 2, 2010

Fridays are all GOOD...but this one is better!

Happy Good Friday everyone!!! I hope that you get to celebrate with some amazing weather-we are!! It is S.u.n.n.y today, a little brisk but sunny!

Sorry no post yesterday-just call me a slacker :-/ My morning (love Thursday mornings) involved cleaning up my kitchen and taking Jasper out for a jog. We pranced around the field (or ungracefully slid around in the mud) and played fetch for a while before continuing on our way. When we got home I got to do about 20 minutes of Yoga. It has been WAY too long. As I made my way into certain poses, my body told me that it would take awhile to make it back to where I was. Hello hamstrings!! I could tell that the majority of my workouts had been running and cycling-based. But, alas, I have big goals for this summer!

Jasper is LOVING spring. The birds were chirping all morning so he spent his time outside listening to and watching them. It was quite funny to watch because some of the birds would fly low into the yard and he would chase them. He is pretty graceful most of the time, but I had the chance to witness some very...lanky-puppy....moves. He is mostly legs, so it was pretty hysterical.

On my way into work, I stopped at the store to pick up the mixings for a combined Ken/Jasper Easter basket. I am pretty excited and cannot wait for the 2 of them to search the house together Sunday morning!!! It will be interesting to see which one finds it first :-)

Work was pretty busy which made it fly by. I have this problem because every time I have a new patient, they become my favorite. I have a 21 year old girl who crashed on her road bike a month ago. After one treatment, she was feeling much better. She has never seen a chiropractor before, so it has been a neat experience walking her through the procedures. She LOVES it!!!

I had a post-work small group with my favoritest high school girls. We met from 7 to about 9 and just shared what was going on in our lives and what our favorite Easter traditions entail. So much fun and always great to hang out with them.

Today work is a little slower but I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on. I am busy putting together an article and writing a presentation and researching some nutrition stuff for a patient and putting new patient folders together....and so on.

After work I get to pick up Abby (a super sweet and we are heading to church to help serve Seder dinner. I am pretty stoked about that! I have never done a Seder dinner at church, let alone helped serve it, so it should be an awesome experience! After dinner we are watching The Passion 8:30 to intense! I can already feel the exhaustion of a third late night in a row. Thank goodness tomorrow is SATURDAY!

Enjoy your festivities today!!

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