Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is that thunder or is something wrong with the alarm clock?

Welcome to TUESDAY...one step closer to SATURDAY. I love...love...love...the weekends. I love being in my house and playing with Ken and Jasper. HEAVEN. Even cleaning my house makes me happy....I miss it during the week. Especially this week-I feel like I am NEVER going to be home to see it!

When I got home yesterday after work I went for a ride. I know-2 days in a row!!!! So exciting! Anyways, I rode for about 50 minutes and was in the final stretch when...gasp...flat tire :-( It was my FIRST flat tire on my road bike. Have you ever seen road bike tires? The are SKINNY! It is hard to believe that they don't go flat just by sitting on the bike. I am happy to say that it was the rear tire that popped (thanks to a TINY piece of glass apparently). All of a sudden I was peddling and not going very fast and then I heard this blum blump noise and I knew something was up. I pulled over and phoned a friend...KEN!! He drove over and rescued me. My hero :-) Standing on the side of the road can get pretty chilly after you have been riding for almost an hour, so I called my Mom and chatted with her for a couple minutes. It was a super fast conversation because when I looked up, Ken and Jasper were already coming down the street. Great support crew!

When we got home I made Ken some chicken noodle soup-at first he thought he was sick, now we are thinking allergies because of all of the crazy wind lately. I had some leftover green bean casserole with chunks of ham in it. DELICIOUS! Ken went with ice cream for dessert and I decided on banana cream pie. mmmmm. OH....I now have shelves!!! Thanks buddy!!! I get to put all sorts of random things on them. AWESOME!! AND we have some sound/speak/reciever thingies-all I know is that they sound good (I think guys are more techy and Ken could give you many more details).

This morning we awoke to ...dun dun dun... lightning and thunder and rain and hail... WHAT?! I have to admit, it was pretty exciting. Jasper did not seem to think so! He like it from INSIDE, but when I let him out to use the bathroom he decided he did not like the thunder. I had to go out with him so he knew he was alright. Wuss puppy!! Now we have clear blue skies-Love it!

Time to work and later....BLOCK PARTY with the high schoolers! Busy busy busy!!!

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