Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet or Not

Yesterday I got to ride for 45-minutes! It was FABULOUS! I took some pretty spring pictures and realized that I still can't upload them at work. Awesome. Today Ken and I are heading over to Marshall Mesa to do some trail running with Jasper...Yippee for that!

So mostly I post about the ongoings of my life. Today I am going to share something else. I was reading a post on the Mercola site. The website is all about healthy living. um HELLO-doesn't everyone want to live healthy? I thought I would share-here is the link:


The post is all about SUGAR. That's right...that wonderful stuff that we eat EVERY DAY! I was BLOWN away. I know that sugar is something that should be eaten in moderation and I really try my best to limit how much I eat......but still. If you don't read the whole article, simply look at the numbers. In the 1700's people ate about 4 pounds of sugar per year-today 50 percent of our population consumes over 180 pounds per year! WHAT!!! No wonder obesity is a problem! I was reading through the article and was shocked at all of the types of sugar and what they are in.

Don't get me wrong-I LOVE me some sugar. But LOOK at all of the negative effects it has on our bodies. WOW. I studied nutrition in school-but this is still mind boggling to me. I think back on what I have eaten the last couple of weeks and I will be honest when I say...ice cream, jelly beans, chocolate (not a little bit either), brownies (brownies plus ice cream), sweetened yogurt, coffee creamer, juice, a little soda (like maybe 8 ounces totally over 2 weeks-and typically none)... The sad thing is, I am working on NOT eating a lot of sugar! And I am still failing!

I feel so good when I am working out, I cannot even imagine how good I would feel if I wasn't taking in so much sugar! I am not obese...in fact-i just posted that I finally fit into my pre-wedding jeans...but does that mean anything? I am still doing harm to my body and setting myself up for possible disease in the future. Soooo....now I am going to REALLY start watching what I eat...Sugar and I are going to have a little change in our relationship!

So with that I will get off my soapbox and say have a very sweet-but sugar free-day!

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