Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Monday to you!

Quick recap...

Friday: Acupuncture...yay! Home, Dinner and MOVIE NIGHT! Ken and I curled up on the couch and enjoyed The Blindside. Oh my gosh-so good! Everyone I had talked to who had seen the movie loved it and I was no exception. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Saturday: Seeing as I had NOTHING in the fridge-we had pancakes for breakfast. Or, I should say, Ken had pancakes-I had granola and yogurt. Good girl LeeAnn!! After breakfast we set out on a mission: errands! Walmart, 2 Home Depots, Costco, Sears-oh my!! Needless to say, that took up most of the morning. We were quite successful though :-) After returning home and having some yummy lunch, Ken and I went about our own separate tasks. He started wiring some speakers while I did what I do best-clean. Oh-and hang the super-cute mirror in our living room! I said I would do it, but somehow tricked Ken into doing about 95% of the work...oops! At about 5:40 I started getting ready to go out. That's right-I went out on a Saturday night....with a high a Chinese play. She had gotten her license the day before and asked is she could pick me up. Now, if you know me, you know that I am quite the skittish passenger. Poor Ken has to hear me over-react all of the time. So, getting into the car with a new driver...muzzle on! She did a really good job though :-) And we made it to Denver and back just fine. The play was amazing and it was great to hear her story. She has gone through things kids her age just should not have to deal with.

**Oh my gosh sidenote: This weeked I fit into my pre-wedding jeans!! Huge excitement in my world. I almost could not contain myself!

Sunday: Up early for church. Yes, we made it to the early service! Yay us! We got to talk about sex in our high school group-always fun and a little awkward. Hey-that's how it should be. Ken and I enjoyed a light lunch together before our respective Sundays really began. Ken set off for Boulder with Erik to do some Mountain biking and Jasper and I....

*Weeded the front and back yards
*Cleaned up Jasper's you.know.what.
*Cleaned the house (now it sparkles)-Dishes, vacuuming, dusting-I even cleaned all of the stainless steel in my kitchen
*Went running and ...swimming...for AN HOUR
*Did laundry
*Ironed some work clothes
*Made chicken fettucine

...A little more on the run/swim... So Jasper and I set out on our run. I had intentions of making it a long one and so we did. We ran through fields and up paths and eventually ended up at a lake (a big lake). Well...I thought...what the heck! I let Jasper off of his leash to see what he would do: SPLASH. He had no qualms about running straight into the water. I WISH I had a camera because it was PRICELESS. He splashed around and bounced in and out of the water. He ran up and down the shore and had the cutest grin on his face. He was in HEAVEN! After about 10 minutes I made him come out and continue on our way. He was soaking wet and obviously on Cloud 9. When we got home...he got a bath :-) and then slept in the sunshine as he dried off. I LOVED my long run!! SOOO GOOD!

When Ken returned (a little beat up from an incident with a tree :-/ ) we ate dinner and then indulged in a little brownie plus ice cream action. mmmmm. He did some laundry while I cleaned my rings and painted my nails (2 things that have been on my to-do list for about 2 months) and then we enjoyed a little couch time.

WHAT.A.WEEKEND! Now it is Monday (again) and it has (so far) been a pretty nice day at work. Being busy makes the day fly by! And...I am looking forward to a bike ride when we get home-as long as it doesn't rain.

TTFN (in a Tigger voice) ta ta for now!

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