Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soreness times 10!

Good Morning....Good Afternoon and so on...

Welcome to Hump Day. Good ole Wednesday :-/ At least it means we are one step closer to Friday!

So, as alluded to in my title, I am sore today! Not the, oh I worked out a bit and I am sore, sore. The Holy Cow-why are my legs jell-o - sore! Let me explain...After work yesterday Ken picked me up to go trail running. ....Thought bubble: Me, Ken and Jasper frolicking amongst the trees and new spring flowers....I mean, come on, I ran for an hour Sunday and rode for 45 minutes Monday-I was sore to begin with yesterday! POP-there went that bubble ... and in a good way!

We started our run and it was wonderful-perfect temperature, crazy puppy and something new to me: a human running partner! I have pretty much always run solo. Either I am faster than some people (not likely) or not fast enough (more likely), but yesterday Ken ran at my pace! It was awesome!!! Jasper falls into the runs too fast category-but he stayed pretty close too ;-)
We ran some uphill (blah-give me the flats any day) and then some downhill (better). On the way back to the car, Ken informed me that we were doing 3-30 second hill sprints... WHAT?!?!?!?! Yeah-so we did it and I had some not so friendly words for him...but somehow he managed to push me so hard without me ACTUALLY being mad. I am pretty sure I told him I was going to die-but that didn't stop us. Afterwards, I felt really accomplished and for that I thanked him. We were out for a little over an hour! I know, right? He gave me the sweetest compliment by telling me that this is the best shape he has ever seen me in! AWWWWEEEE. And it is only April!

During our run, we came across a channel of water. Ken thought it would be a fun idea to see Jasper swim...and so it was! He was so cute getting into the water-and when I get to post my pics (tomorrow morning!) you will see that he swims like his mother-splashes everywhere! He loved every minute of it :-)

After making a quick dinner and indulging in The Biggest Loser (I felt like we crushed it with our trail run) I tried to get up off of the couch to do dishes. While I succeeded, my legs complained the entire time! Thank goodness Ken was there to help me! When I finally made it up the stairs (ouch) I hopped in the (amazingly fantastic) shower and hit the bed.

*Side note: Wouldn't you think Jasper would be tired too?? NOPE. He was up playing all evening and up MANY times during the night. Growl!! He is like the Energizer Bunny!

Another jog this afternoon? We shall see!! And then off to church for a worship night :-)

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