Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleep talking

Yesterday was not my favorite day! I was really irritated with how some things went at work and that just lingered throughout my afternoon. Boo. I thought I was doing so well and then BAM-not how it was going to happen.

When we got home, Ken and I decided to take Jasper out for a walk. We both declared it a "Rest day" which is fine for him, but I have to babysit tonight and will not have time to get out for a run or bike! Maybe some yoga when I get home? Back to the walk-it was great. We walked over to the park and did some upper body workouts (yay playground equipment). I somehow managed to end up in a sitting position on one of the bars and was unable to get down. I flashed back to the days that it would have been no problem to just jump down or even flip down over the bar. Those days are LONG GONE! All I could see was PAIN! Luckily, my amazing husband rescued me from my tower! Yay Ken!! On the way home, Jasper miscalculated a jump and tagged his back legs on a wall-OUCH! He was a little bloody, but after cleaning him up-it didn't look stitch-worthy. My poor baby!!

Dinner was pork chops, rice and lima beans (YUM) followed by an array of random dessert foods! There were graham crackers with icing (only had one!), a piece of See's candy (funny story there-I didn't like the first one I tried-so Ken took it-told me to try another-I took one bite and RED DYE!!!!! So we traded again and I spit out the red-FAIL) and a couple yellow jellybeans-to wash out the red! After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen and the house, folded and put away laundry and took advantage of some Biggest Loser action. Ken did taxes! BLAH! I despise taxes and numbers and the such! Give me a body to deal with any day. He was such a trooper!

So now the best story of the post-a story worthy of a being the title: SLEEP TALKING! Last night Ken and I went to bed WAY past our bedtime! A few hours after dozing off I awoke to a semi-panicky tone..."Jasper, STOP, get away for there-come here!!" Needless to say, it woke me right up and I looked around (very concerned)! First I looked for Jasper, what could he be doing that was so bad in our bedroom in.the.middle.of.the.night?! I found him in his bed looking up at me curiously-obviously wondering what he was doing wrong. Then I looked at Ken...SOUND ASLEEP! I was a good wife and touched his arm and told him that it was okay-he was only dreaming and he rolled over quietly. Best part: no recollection this morning! PRICELESS!!!

Work time....and babysitting tonight! Tired already!
I will get more pictures up....I promise!

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