Thursday, April 15, 2010

Late day Heaven

Thursday...yippee! Not only because I had the whole morning to myself, not only because I get to see my favorite high school girls tonight....but...tomorrow is FRIDAY! Can you believe it?! I am desperately awaiting a night on the couch with Ken and Jasper and a good movie! I can almost feel the relaxation right now.....time to snap back to reality.

This morning Jasper and I managed to get out of bed at about 6:40. It was pretty impressive for a Thursday! Normally we cuddle until at least 7. It was nice because it gave Ken and I some time to hang out before he left for work.

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes and going through the weekly ads, Jasper and I got ready to go out for a run. It was MAGICAL. The temperature was PERFECT and we just ran and ran. Jaspy was off leash for the majority of the run and was so well behaved. I didn't have to yell at him once! I love that he will stop to smell something and then realize I have continued on the path and then come barreling towards me full speed ahead. It is so cute and burns so much energy! DOUBLE BONUS!! After our run (just over 40 minutes!) we made it back to the house. Jasper decided he was beat and passed out on the couch. I, on the otherhand, decided to try out I had seen it on several people's blogs and was excited for what I might find. I did a 20 minute session which cost me NOTHING! That's right! $0.00. There are longer sessions (don't remember the price) and memberships, but for this morning-20 minutes was all I needed. Plus it was a nice trial! And there are all sorts of 20 minute sessions! I loved it-couldn't believe how much I hurt (hello muscles!) but loved it!

Post-showering and getting ready for work, Jasper and I set out on a mission to run errands. First stop: POST OFFICE. It is Tax Day after all-and who wouldn't want to brave a Post Office? When I walked in I was shocked-one person ahead of me!! WHAT? I sent our taxes off, plus a medical test for my Grandma...and went back to the car only to find a Vizsla in the front seat. Hmmmm-why does Jasper think he is human? Out of pure lack of time (or maybe laziness) I let him ride in the front seat as we headed to the bank. He asked me if he could drive, but I told him he was too young. :-/ After a quick stop at the grocery I dropped Jasper off with Ken and now I am at work. Lovely. Full night of work, followed by my small group and then....who knows!! Oh-probably bed ;-)

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