Monday, April 12, 2010

Organized chaos

Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend-I don't really remember if I had one or not. Why do they go by so fast?

Friday was filled with acupuncture (love) and then picking up Ken (who was GOING to ride home but decided against it) and Jasper. When we got home, I threw dinner together while Ken washed his car. It was VERY disgustingly dirty from his trip to Vail earlier in the week. EWWWW! After dinner, Erik (Ken's buddy) arrived and the two of them headed to the Denver Auto show. Jasper and I worked very hard at sitting on the couch and watching Survivor! I had GREAT plans of getting a jump start on my cleaning, but alas, no such luck! When Ken got home he was excited to share about all of the cool cars he got to see. I vaguely remember some of the details as I sauntered up the stairs and into bed!

Saturday morning we had Swedish pancakes for breakfast...mmmm...soooo gggooood! After filling up, Ken and I went about the initial attack on our house (cleaning I mean). Cleaning, dusting, is all a blur! At 11:45 I left to babysit for 4 hours. Talk about a way to kill a weekend?! Okay-not really-but 4 hours was a LONG time in the middle of the day. I did have a great time with Maya though. We went to the park, read books and played with her toys. She is really too cute! When I got home, I went for a ride. It only ended up being about 35 minutes (and it was the same route that took me 45 last week!). I threw a pizza (lazy I know) in the oven while I hit the shower. Ken got to ride too...his was a little longer ;-) Post-pizza, Ken and I headed to Lyons for a housewarming party. LLOONNGGG drive-but it was fun to see Robyn's new home (she works with me as a massage therapist). We had fun and got home at a reasonable hour!

Yesterday was the real jam-packed day! We skipped our 8:45 church service to finish getting the house ready for our get-together...(I will explain in a minute). I made egg, ham and chedder cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bagels :-) Another tasty weekender breakfast! We went to Costco on the way home from church (high school group-I got to answer questions about dating!) to pick up some essentials and when we got home...I got to ride! AGAIN! I know-I couldn't believe it! I rode for just over an hour-pretty hard too! I took almost 10 minutes off of my 15ish miles! So good! My competitiveness took over me when I started out and I rode WAY too hard trying to catch 3 guys...bad LeeAnn! Oh well!

When I got home from my ride, I found Ken finishing up the sprucing of the backyard-it looked AWESOME. So inviting! As I hopped in the shower and got ready to run out to the grocery, Ken got ready for his ride. I raced across town purchasing food and goodies for our meeting. Upon my return to mi casa, I unpacked the food as I made a carrot cake and cleaned the kitchen. It is good to be a multi-tasker! Ken returned from his glorious ride (by glorious I mean sunny and warm and not too windy!) and joined me in chopping, dicing and getting hamburgers ready to grill. About 6 our company began arriving...all of our middle school and high school leaders from church! Yup-leader meeting at our house! It was by far the most people we have had over at one time! We spent the evening chatting with each other and talking about church and our "children" and the likes. It was great! Jasper was pretty good-considering it was his first big party and he is still a baby. He managed to steat half a piece of carrot cake off of someone's plate. That someone just laughed and watched. Grrr! At about 9:15, Ken and I dropped onto the couch and watched a little TV before heading to bed! Such a busy weekend!

Now on to Monday-dun dun dun!

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