Friday, April 9, 2010

I really tried...

So yesterday I started blogging, twice! But somehow I managed to NOT get it done! Grrrr.

Wednesday: Ken went skiing at Vail, he just could not pass up those 19 inches of fresh powder. He said it was AMAZING (but busy-thanks for making me feel better about having to go to work instead!). I must admit though, I left work early Wednesday. Something about the pressure changes here=headaches for me. Yuck! So, Jasper and I got to spend the afternoon together lounging around the house and doing a little cleaning. Ken got home about 4:15ish and we got to eat dinner together before I headed over to do my 3 hours of babysitting. Maya and I had a blast and the time FLEW by!

*Funny sidenote: I made Jasper the BEST bed in the back of my car. His bed, 2 blankets, 10 toys...NICE, WARM and COZY. But everytime I went down to check on him he was sound asleep...IN THE PASSENGER SEAT?!?!?! He is BIG now...why would you want to curl up instead of enjoying the fabulous bed???

Yesterday was my lay in bed till 7:00 am day and I didn't disappoint. In all honesty, I was ready to get up at about 6:30, but there was this really cute puppy begging me to cuddle just a.little.bit.longer. How could I tell him no?! Jasper and I had a quick breakfast and then went for a nice 35 minute run. Like a REAL run. Where we did not stop and walk AT ALL! Okay-only for a total of about 2 minutes because that is when Jasper was chewing on his treats :-) It was GORGEOUS outside. Perfect even! I did some yoga when we got home. It felt AWESOME to stretch out my sore muscles! I dropped Jasper off with Ken and came in to work early to enter some notes in the computer. Still catching up from the computer crash at the end of February! Nuts, I know!

I left work early to make it to Monarch High School for some One-Acts that my high schoolers were involved with. It was fun (a little racy in some places). You know you are old when you have a high school girl introduce you to the boy she is going to prom with and she says "don't be awkward"....yeah...I remember that one! Ken had an awesome small group with his guys...they FINALLY all showed up! Gotta love H.S. boys!!! hehehehe.

Today is a pretty quiet day at work. I am hoping to catch up on my notes, work on my presentation for the 28th, treat some patients, finish writing an article and get out on time! I have an acupuncture appointment today :-D Who knew that getting needles stuck in you could be so much fun!? Eagerly anticipating the weekend....

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