Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Friday, I love you!

It's finally Friday....I'm free again! Okay...not quite-but it is looming in the near future! Really, that is all I can think about....Dream Bubble: Me, Ken and Jasper...cuddled up on the couch...cup of hot tea in hand and a little Blindside going on! Hurry up 3:00!!

Yesterday was interesting. Sometimes I wonder how detailed I should be here because I never know who may be reading...but I will just put it this way: BBLLLAAHHH. It was kind of one of those days where I thought work was going well-I had patients and so I was treating them. Apparently, though, I need to be available at all times to work on C's patients? But he wants me to be busy with my own patients?? Conundrum! Luckily, after running desperately away from work, I got to hang out with my amazing small group ladies and they made me happy :-) So all was well-didn't get home until almost 10! GASP!

So work is going to be blah today. Somehow all of my patients managed to schedule days OTHER than Friday-you would think: Awesome! Time to catch up on patient notes and presentations-NOPE. I get to play the role of CA (chiro assistant) for the other doctor. I now see why Chiros start their own practices...because sometimes I just want to jump out the window. Oh 3 I get to head over to my acupuncture/ therapy session. I LOVE Suzanne. Not only does she fix me with needles, but she gives great advice! I look forward to it all week.

After work, Ken and I are heading home where I will figure out something magical for dinner. Maybe not magical, but it will include chicken :-) Oh...on a side note-I am from my yoga-ness yesterday. LOVE IT!

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