Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, Again?

I guess it is inevitable that Monday follows Sunday. It has been that way my whole life and I would imagine it is going to continue to be that way. Darn!
This weekend was fantastically amazing. Saturday was nice and sunny-the perfect temperature to get out and ride my road bike. I had a wonderful 55 minute ride (a little short, but just getting back into it after the cold winter). When I got home I quickly changed my clothes and took Jasper out for about 40 minutes. Vizslas are crazy aminals. In order for him to get any exercise, he needs to be off leash (or I need to run MUCH faster). I took him to an open space in our neighborhood and let him free. He raced around the field and did circles around me. We have this great game where he will run by me and I will try to touch him. He thinks this is so much fun and the crazed look in his eyes is quite the sight! We headed home where I planned on giving him a bath (he was super muddy). Our bath tub is on the 2nd floor and his paws were DISGUSTING! Picture this-Me carrying an almost 50 pound-not so happy about this-paws pointing in all directions-attempting to wiggle free-pupster up the stairs and putting him the bathtub. CRAZY! After finishing the bath and half drying him, Ken called (he went on a 3.5 hour ride and yes, he is nuts). Some friends of ours E and K were in the neighborhood with there Vizsla, Zaya. I had to use the hairdryer on Jasper (he tried to attack it the whole time) and then we headed out to let the pups play. The raced around the field-jumping the stream, running down it and playfighting in the mud-yum-more mud.
Once they started to slow down we packed the muddy beasts back into the cars and headed home. I had to race out of the house to meet my fried Tricia for coffee (um-hot chocolate) and to tell each other our life stories (literally). It was so awesome being able to talk to her and I look forward to learning even more about the amazing person she is. We finished our drinks and went to pick up L and E (2 of our high schoolers) and continued on to the Fairview "play". It ended up being more like a huge music and dance talent show (I couldnt believe it was a high school production-it was Fantastic!!!).
Sunday was chilly so after church and high school group, Ken and I hung out in the house. He worked on organizing the garage and I cleaned the house and baked life a crazy woman-homemade protein bars and some chocolate chip cookies. We took a nice little walk to the park where Jaspy fetched the tennis ball about a million times. I really dont know where he gets all of his energy. After an amazing dinner (Pork chops, homemade french fries-baked of course-and some yummy brussel sprouts), we spent the evening relaxing on the couch and catching up on some TV shows (and falling asleep).
This morning Ken got up at 5 to ride-I tried-but failed :-( That just means I will have to get a workout in tonight...ride on the trainer, run or Wii fit-I LOVE Wii fit!!! So much fun and actually a pretty good workout!
Work this morning has been interesting. Our computer system crashed which on it. Schedule, notes, patient files....dont really know what to do without it. At least I found a way to sneak on to the internet...shhhhh ;-)
...and my computer will not accept those will come later!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!!

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