Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day

Some days you just wake up feeling blah. Today has been one of those days for me. The whole rolling out of bed deal was quite a challange! Yesterday I had a health fair for work and while it is always fun to get out and meet new people-it can be so exhausting. When 5:00 hit I was thrilled to go pick Ken and Jasper up. Due to the fact that I had lots of boxes and a projector and a plastic spine and who-knows-what-else in the back of my car during the day, my seats were folded down. Jaspy thought that this was an amazing new development! He climbed up on the seats and enjoyed the view out the side windows. We came across an SUV with 4 dogs in it (big ones too-none of those little lap dogs), windows down and heads sticking out the side. I thought it would be fun to roll down my window and let Jasper say "hello". Well, he did-he gave a nice growl and then barked at them. The other dogs proceeded to return the barking and the driver gave me a funny look. I quickly rolled up my window and looked straight ahead. Apparently Jasper does not like to mingle via car windows!
For dinner I made homemade pizza (pepperoni, red bell pepper and olive toppings)-so yummy! We also had cottage cheese and peas to go with it. After doing the dishes Ken and I crashed on the couch to watch NCIS and Biggest Loser. So good...
Watching the Biggest Loser inspired me to get back into better shape. Summer is coming and that means shorts and bathing suits and all of the fun show-all-of-my-flaws clothes! Cant wait
Last summer I was able to ride and run and hike for hours during the day (thanks to the whole not being employedness)-this year I am going to have to figure out how to balance work and work-ing out. My typical day involves getting up at 6-getting ready for work, making breakfast, going to work, going home, making dinner, cleaning up the kitchen (on several nights of the week I have work stuff or high school group events-so those nights I get home between 8:30 and 9) and exhaustedly crashing on the couch. Where does working out fit in there?!? It looks like the 5am workout is going to have to be the solution. I am hoping that as it gets lighter and warmer in the mornings, it will not be so difficult to get out of bed!
Anyone have any ideas how to fit exercise into a super full week?

Friday is the day Jasper is going to lose his manhood. I am a little sad-not for the whole lack of manliness, but any surgery is just a little scary to me :-( He is going to be sad and pathetic looking all weekend. Good thing the only big plans I have are riding my bike, church and babysitting! I will spoil him rotten I'm sure!
Until next time....(Our server at work is still down-so no pics yet :-( and we dont know who or when patients are coming in-fabulous!)


  1. This is so cute! I love it :) Can't wait for pictures (Keira made me say that, she wants to see Jasper more I guess :)

  2. VERY CUTE! We'll look forward to your day in print. Sorry we haven't gotten pictures to you, yet. Robert looked some, but didn't locate the cable to download pictures. And, I just picked up our lamps from Mike Vogt for the "rustic room", so there will be even more pictures. Hope your "hump day" has gone well.
    Love, Rene'