Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally some pictures...

So, for the last few days I have been promising pictures. Here you go...

Jasper getting his 2nd bath on Saturday
My 2 boys

Always on the move
New toy
Jasper kills me with his cuteness!

Yesterday was pretty quiet at work. Because the computers are down, we don't really know what the day is going to be like. It is a lot of waiting and wondering who is going to be coming in. Fingers crossed that we get them back today! During our weekly office meeting a large UPS package came in. I was very surprised to see that it was for me! Upon opening it I found several smaller boxes...obviously from my mom. There were all sorts of St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorations...SO CUTE!! (thanks mom!!!). Enclosed was also a part of my car that I left at home when I moved to Colorado-oops! Jasper also got a present from Rusty and Jack (his cousins)-see duck above. I gave it to him when I got in the car and he LOVED it. He ran around the back of the car throwing it around-and my car is NOT that big!
Ken and I met up with our friend Taylor to grab a drink and catch up. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant and Ken and I split some nachos. YUMMY!!! Ken and I then headed to Costco to use up some time before heading to church for a worship night. It was awesome :-D I was a little sad that there were not many of our high schoolers there-but a lot of them had opening night for their school play-so I guess that is a good excuse.
Thursday mornings are my catch-up-on-things-at-home mornings. I work from 1-7. Today I have a patient coming in at 12 because who knows what the schedule is going to be like during actual office hours!! So now I get to put away laundry, finish the dishes, take Jasper for a run and find lots of other things to do before heading out.
Have a great Thursday!!


  1. Love the duck:-)) so how do i post as a follower?

  2. LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!! Can't express enough how proud we are of the two of you and how blessed we are that you're our kids!!!!!
    We Love You ----LOTS
    Mom and Dad