Friday, March 5, 2010

Snip Snip...

This is the morning that Jasper has to say good-bye to his manhood :-( Sad day!

Waking up this morning was kind of nice. Jasper was scheduled to be dropped off at the vet's office at 8:15 so the three of us were able to sleep in until about 6:30. SCORE! Jaspy had a bit of a rough night last night-he was up A LOT. I think he knew something was going on today. When 4:30 hit, Ken decided that he could come into bed and cuddle-so he did. He is the biggest cuddle bug EVER. He loves to snuggle up into me and most of the time I am thankful for the warmth he brings! He has a way of giving me about 6 inches of bed to sleep on though :-/ When I finally dragged Ken and Jasper out of bed, I headed downstairs to make some pancakes and turkey bacon! Such a good way to start the day. Sad part: Jasper could not have cookies :-( He stood and watched us eat our delicious breakfast and I felt SOOOOO guilty!

We got everything together and headed to the vet's office-in 2 cars today! That means I get to go home at 3!! And pick up Jasper as soon as they call me and tell me I can! Yipee!! Ken and I were both late for work...oops...I had scheduled myself out of the office this morning, but alas-no computers still-so no schedule-so somehow I had a patient scheduled! I did manage to beat my first patient in-so all is well! I think I have a pretty busy day today, tough to tell without a schedule!

I do know that all day I will be thinking of my sweet little puppy locked up in a cage and then being snipped. It makes me wish I could just be there to sit with him. At least he has the office cats to hang out with. He got to mingle (sniff their behinds) with them this morning.

I will be sure to let you know how things go. Enjoy your Friday!

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