Sunday, September 21, 2014

The happenings and a few pics...

Brooke turned the big 1-5 last week. 15 months that is! Things have been so exciting and fun and busy that taking a second to put a post together has gone by the wayside.

At Brooke's 15 month appointment, the girl weighed in at 19.4 pounds (22%) and 31 inches (68%). Tall and lean, just like her Daddy!

Cool things Brooke is doing/saying and other things going on:

She walks everywhere. I guess I should say runs...girl moves fast!
She loves to play in dirt and is super brave about trying new things.
She goes down the slides at the park, no problem and no fear. Eek.
Jasper and Brooke have become the bestest of friends and it is adorable to watch them play!
She would be happy if she could spend all day, everyday outside. I think she will be mad at winter-better get some warm clothes!
Still LOVES food. All of it. How is she so skinny?!
Sleeping is stellar. 11 hours at night and about 2 during the day.
The words, oh the words: Mama, Dada, flower, Buba (Jasper), bird, book, bike, ball, shoes, nose, baby, nana, cado (avocado), fish, turtle, slide.....

And the picture fest of the summer (in random order):

Adore my little family!!