Friday, June 27, 2014

Turning 1

Oh little Brooke, how did you get so big? It seems like just yesterday that you were a "teeny" little thing. Okay-you were never teeny, but much smaller than you are now.
The last year has been one of the most amazing in your Daddy and my lives. You are an absolute blessing, not only to us but to everyone who gets to be a part of your life. 

You are doing so many things now:

You eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and if someone is eating something the better share! You love yourself some popsicle! Even the tart lime flavor.
You have 2.5 bottom teeth and 1.5 on top-that second top one has been a bit of a pain.
Your hair is getting long and your Daddy loves to play with the little curls.
Your blue eyes stop people in stores all of the time.
Six days before you turned one you decided to take your first steps and have been working at the whole walking thing since then!
Jasper is your best friend. You get SO excited to see him, always.
You have started to sleep through the night again, which means you are my best friend! haha
You love hanging out with your grandparents and Auntie Errin and Uncle Colin and LOVE Milo!
You are so good at telling me what you want-your pointing skills are stellar!
You love to say flower and bird.
You are giving the best hugs now and your new thing is wanting to sit in my lap. I kind of love this one!

I feel so lucky to be your Mom and feel even luckier to spend everyday with you.

And from the phone...