Friday, July 12, 2013

The First Month

The past month has been amazing. Sure, I could always use more sleep…but hey, that is what having a newborn is all about.

It has been absolutely amazing watching her grow and change. It is crazy how different she is from just 4 weeks ago.

I never want to go back to work and just want to stay home with her all day and eat her up.

Big events from the past month:

1st bike race-2 weeks old at short track.

1st Winter Park race-17 days old (with Jasper)

Costco 4 times by 4 weeks (err, problem much?)

1 Baby shower

1 Fourth of July Party

Lifting head from the ground and moving it back and forth

Lifts head while laying on chest

Scoots across play mat using only legs

Very interested in the world and wants to look at everything

Eats amazingly well … At her 4 week appt-10 pounds and 21 1/4 inches!

Starting to reach at toys

Starting to make sounds other than crying

Is amazing Winking smile

Jasper LOVES her

And now for a ridiculous amount of pictures!

photo(155) - Copy

photo(154) - Copy

photo(153) - Copy

photo(121) - Copy

photo(150) - Copy

photo(149) - Copyphoto(148) - Copy

photo(146) - Copy

photo(144) - Copy

photo(143) - Copy

photo(142) - Copy

photo(141) - Copy