Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birth Story Part 2

Okay, some random things I forgot on Part 1. First: The room was silent during contractions. I was silent and couldn’t handle other people talking or laughing (sorry Alle). Second: Ken was amazing. He was just what I needed to not go bananas. Third: The cheering section was great! Thanks Errin, Mom and Alle!

Where did we leave off….oh yeah, the epidural. Something I never thought I would get, but in the end was amazing. The lady that put in the epidural was great. She did a wonderful job and I was incredibly impressed. I asked that we use the lowest dosage and then later asked her to turn it down even further. It was just enough to take the edge off and let my body relax.

Funny story, the only time I screamed during labor was when they were dropping the bed down and it got caught on the cart breaking a Purell container. It was really loud and the table dropped a couple feed. Scared the crap out of me! And everyone outside the room! They all thought something was wrong…nope just broken plastic.

Once I had the epidural and was feeling more rested and in less pain, our room became the party place. I was much more comfortable so talking resumed and jokes were coming out of everywhere. Nurses wanted to be in our room. That’s pretty cool.

Even with the epidural, my body stopped having contractions which slowed progress way down. Everything was just too tired! Apparently, little miss was a big sideways and thus would not let me dilate that last cm! At midnight, my OB GYN gave my nurse one hour to get me fully to 10 cm and get her turned! Otherwise it was surger time. ONE HOUR! I hand it to Stacy…she was a rock star! She convinced me to try Pitocin (another one I really didn’t want, but wanted a c-section even less). She gave me the lowest dose possible and that got things moving.

At quarter till 1, she checked me and told me it was time to push. I think I almost cried with excitement!! This is what we had all been waiting for! I LOVED the pushing part. We took things slow to help prevent tearing (I was eager to push and not too fond of the breaks in between). B’s stats were perfect the entire time! She is a tough cookie. After pushing on and off for what seemed like ages, my dr. came in for the end. I pushed and pushed and all of a sudden there was a baby on my chest! OMG the coolest feeling in the world!!She was a purple little thing who took her time crying, mostly because she was too busy looking around and checking things out (that would be the last time she was quiet). The wiped her down and she started wailing! Strong lungs on that little one. Ken and I were instantly in love. She was so strong from the get go.

Alle, my mom and Errin got to watch everything (and I mean everything!). Ken also gave in and watched the happenings. Once she was on me, I have no idea what else happened down there. All I know is that the placenta came out and I needed about 15 stitches. Ouch! Darn that second shoulder.

Little miss Brooke Olivia Benesh was born at 2:19 am on Wednesday the 12th. She came in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 20 inches long. When she popped out my doctor said that she was much bigger than she expected and had she known she would have done a c-section because of the length of the labor (glad she didn’t know!!)

By the time all was said and done, I had a little one on my chest, everyone got to go home and get a couple hours of sleep (Ken stayed with me in the hospital and I would not let go of that little girl!). We stayed in our delivery room until around 6 before getting transferred to our recovery room.

The rest of our hospital stay was fine…noisy but fine. B became known as the screamer on our floor. We had lots of great visitors! Alle, my mom, Rene’ and Robert, Errin, Colin and Gayle. It was a whirlwind and we convinced the doctors to allow us to leave as early as possible. So on Thursday around noon we headed home with our little Peanut!





So excited for this adventure!!