Tuesday, March 12, 2013

27 Weeks, a Roadtrip and a Mole removal

You know, going a month (almost) between updates makes things more exciting!

Good thing I have an iPhone to take pictures so I can remember what I have done.

E, C, K and I took a trip up to Wyoming to visit R and R. It was a lovely few days of relaxing.


On the way home, Ken came back and visited Jasper and I in the back while Colin drove. I wrote a lesson while the 2 boys napped. Lucky ducks.



Since we have been home, there has been a lot of playing in the snow. Ken went out riding one Saturday and Jasper and I hit up Davidson Mesa for a snow walk-he loves it when I make him pose for pictures…photo(83)

On another weekend, Ken went for a 92 mile ride while Jasper and I played at the park a little bit. Then this happened…


In other news, I have been taking awesome pictures in the bathroom to document my every growing mid-section. Because I am classy. And because if we are home and together, we are either painting walls or crashed on the couch. I think this one was about 26 weeks..


More time at the park (my fave!)-Ken even joined us this past weekend. It was the best!


Ken got a lovely new kit…check out the pink! I am sure his little girlie is going to love that!! (Like the pic in front of the refrigerator? Also known as the key to my heart)


Here is a picture from yesterday (26 months and 6 days)


Does alternating bathrooms make it better?

PS-I feel awesome, I work out a lot, I don’t have any strange cravings…loving this part! I have to drink the icky glucose test garbage next week…have you read what is in that?! It is nasty…and they want pregnant women to drink it?! Eww.

Random other news, Jasper had this lovely mole on his lower eyelid removed yesterday…


He did so good that we visited the pet store so he could pick out a toy…duck it is!


Other than that, life is pretty much the same. Lots of work and grading and work and teaching. Ken is doing a great job of taking care of me! And we are almost done painting and ready for new carpet! Ah….and we got some furniture for B’s room!!

We get to celebrate 4 years together this Thursday SmileYAY!!