Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Workouts: Saturday-Ran about 4 miles (in the wind), Sunday-Ran about 5 miles (in the wind), Monday-ran 1.5 miles to the gym and upper body/core workouts. Today-1 mile warm up and cool down with 2x10 minutes hard.

Hey there! I hope you all had an excellent Memorial Day weekend. I know we sure did!!

I promise to get more pictures-I was a giant slacker this weekend in regards to those. Oops-again. Maybe Colin will let me steal some of his again. wink wink.

Rewind to….

Friday-After work, E and C picked us up in their truck with their tent trailer and we headed up the 4ish hour trip to Gunnison. We got there in time to set up camp (twice)…in the gusty winds…and Errin cooked up a delicious dinner and then we all fell into bed. Their camper is pretty sweet and it was nice to not be afraid that our tent would blow away. I didn’t sleep much, but let’s face it…I never sleep much the first night away from home!

Saturday-We awoke to pleasant temperatures and calm winds (for 5 minutes). We got this packed up and headed into town for the start of Colin’s 32 mile Mtn bike race.


Funny story-a guy that was racing called me a Mirage…a beautiful girl in pink that was all over the course in the middle of no where. Good times.

Ken did a little pre-riding, while E, Jasper and I ran around.


Colin finished the grueling race and we met him back at the hotel (um yeah, we decided to get a hotel for the night because the winds were supposed to be steady at 35 mph plus and 28 degrees. No thanks.

Our hotel was pretty much awesome….004005006008

Check out those walls!!

We met up with Tim and Lauren and some other friends for dinner in town (since our means for cooking were folded up). We had a great time before heading back to prep for Ken’s race the next day. This meant…legs getting massaged, clothes being laid out and breakfast plans being set.

Sunday-The day where I took NO pictures! It was quite chilly when we got up at 5, but not too terrible. We got Ken all set for his race and then headed over to the start. At 7:02, the riders pulled away from the start and headed out on 64 miles of tough trail.

After packing up the hotel and picking up Lauren and Moki, we all headed out to the same part of the course as the day before. We gave the guys food and water and did our best cheering and encouraging. L, E and I (plus the pups) got in a nice run on the trails while we were waiting (and we got to see them at an unexpected location!!). We raced back to the finish line to see Tim finish in 7th and Ken not too far behind him in 12th (with only a little blood on his leg and back). They were beat (5 and a half hours + on a bike will do that to you!!).

We checked Ken back in a the finish, let him change his clothes, grabbed some food and then headed back down the mountain. It was great to crawl into our bed after a wonderful and crazy weekend.

Thanks E and C for the fantastic trip!!!

Monday-We were lazy. The end. Oh, and I was mean and made Ken get back on a bike to ride to get ice cream (with Jasper). That part was great Smile

Back to work and already thinking about Teva Games this weekend!