Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Picture Perfect

Well…I finally found my camera! So here are some pics from 2 weeks ago…





This past weekends didn’t look much different…you’ll see….


Friday night-work party was fine (although Ken may have strained a hamstring dragging my body out the door). The couch looked SO cozy!

Saturday-I went to the gym and had a blast taking a Spin class, doing an upper body workout and SWIMMING!!

Cleaned up around the house and then hit the mall for some last minute shopping with the husband.

Other work party-we had a blast!! But by 10, I was ready to crash.

Sunday-Taught at church, hurried my butt to Lyons and cheered for the Feedback gang (one in particular!).




It was NASTY out there…super muddy and slippery. Ken took a couple spills which left him looking like this:


The Feedback guys did stellar finishing 5,6,7,8. Gotta love it!


Errin and Colin had us over after the race for some delicious burgers and sweet potato fries….Thanks!!!

Monday-I got to clean those shoes. Yum! Jasper and I did our normal cleaning and errands. I ate it on our 3 mile run-I wanted to have a scratched up knee to match Ken’s.

I hit up the Rec center for a weight workout (and one more mile) that has left my butt very sore today! Gotta love the squats.

Ken came home with some booties for Jasper. He was less than thrilled, but I know he will get used to them.



Something about not wanting to put down that back leg.

Gotta get back to work….