Thursday, December 15, 2011

On a Thursday

The last 2 days have been a little bananas…so no post yesterday and a random one today!

I feel like my week has been meetings, driving and patients. And then some more meetings. This morning was particularly hectic….mainly due to my decreased brain function. I mean, I don’t get it, I was in bed at 9 last night because I couldn’t even make it back downstairs after showering. I need a vacation!

My dog friend is joining me today and currently looks like this….


And is snoring. Maybe I just need to switch places with him.

Oh to be a dog….Anyways….At our church staff meeting, I was given this super cute birthday card…I love it! It looks just like me when I was little!!

003Fun times.

I think that I am just about done with Christmas shopping. My California people have been shipped, 90% of cards are out and 99% of everything else is wrapped. I am longing for a week from today…please hurry!!!

Okay, now for something random….Oranges vs Apples. This came up because I ate an orange today….and I am normally an apple girl. Often times I ask Ken if he wants an orange or an apple in his lunch. He is pretty 50/50 with his answer. Me…I am 90/10 in favor of the apple. Here is why: Oranges are so stinking messy!.No joke, today I needed a sink and soap and several paper towels just to get through the thing. Ugh..Sticky. And, since I am a huge multi-tasker, it prevented me from doing ANYTHING else besides eat the orange. I never have that problem with an apple. It is easy peasy..clean…one handed and I can do a ton (even DRIVE) while eating them. Let’s hear it for the apples! Okay-rant ended.

Time to get stuff together for the youth Christmas party…and then go home and go to bed!