Friday, September 23, 2011


I am a little excited…can you tell?

Yesterday was my normal manic Thursday….all over the place! Jasper got to be my special little helper and went everywhere with me. He was even allowed to accompany me to a meeting inside another church. Yeah, that is how he rolls.

I did take him to the dog park for awhile….as a thank you for being such a delightful boy throughout the day. He was a big fan.

I have yet to do any significant running this week. Wednesday, Jasper and I went on another hike while Ken did some hill repeats on his bike. It was a lot of fun to just be out enjoying the beautiful weather rain. We even managed to throw some “trail yoga” in there…you know, yoga in trail runners-I am classy like that. Of course I forgot my camera, but it looked a little like this….(just dark and rainy)



There was no time yesterday for working out, unless you count the chasing of Jasper at the dog park…but even that wasn’t super great!

Today I am planning to hop on my bike. We will see if I end up riding with Ken or hitting the road solo. The ride is some more cross training to get me ready for tomorrow’s run. We will going up to Longmont bright and early to watch Colin and another friend race, then I will do my 10 mile race pace run and then Ken will race. I am thinking a picnic lunch may be in order. I have mixed emotions about the run. I am both super excited and nervous. I hope it goes well after a week of sketch-tastic workouts.

As for tonight…I think there are so TV shows that are in need of watching online…or maybe a movie. Can’t wait to be done with work to get outside in the gorgeous weather…Literally perfect out!!

And because everyone needs some cute puppy in their day…..



Hope you get to be a little lazy tonight Winking smile

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  1. I'm very excited for you!!! Lots of energy come from this part of the states:-))