Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What happened to Fall?!

Hi there and happy Tuesday! Hope you had a good weekend and a lovely productive Monday (I sure did). I told Ken that I would make an excellent Stay at Home Wife!

I could honestly fill an entire post with the happenings of my Monday, but alas, there are even more exciting things from the weekend!

Saturday: The boys and I headed up to Longmont for a day of bike racing/spectating. We watched our buddy Zane crush it in the junior race and then Colin did awesome in his race too. Super great morning of Cross. In between C and K’s races (Ken didn’t race until 1:05) I went out for my 10 mile race pace run. It was disgustingly hot. Not in a good way. I ended up stopping for water and grabbing Jasper 6 miles in and we finished it together.

Ken did great in his race finishing 6th in the hot, dusty conditions


Plastic bottles make the best toys…EVER!!!




Go Dad Go!!!!




Are we done yet?!


Ken and I were both DONE after our “workouts” …yeah, his was WAY tougher than mine.

Surprisingly, we actually got a lot done when we got home and even watched a movie without falling asleep. Be impressed.

Sunday: Church as usual. Ken rode there and home because I had a meeting afterward. Once home, I used my amazing powers of persuasion to convince Ken that we should go get FroYo (hey…I had coupons AND we still have money on our gift card!). We ended up with smoothies that were just delightful. Ken managed to rotate my tires and play in the man-cave while I cleaned up the house and such. I thanked him by working on his legs for 40 minutes.

Monday: My favorite day of insanity! Better bulleted:

*Made breakfast, did dishes, ran dishwasher

*Did the laundry

*Washed the sheets and towels

*Ran-1/2 mile warm up and cool down with 2x15 minutes hard-felt good!! Finally!!!!

*Cleaned the house-dusted, vacuumed, Windex-ed and all that jazz

*Did some work from home-emails, organizing, picture printing

*Went to the dog park

*Sprouts, Wal-Mart and Costco

*Emptied dishwasher, folded and put away laundry, made bed

*Made a Mac-Daddy dinner (Spare ribs, mashed potatoes, broccoli and French bread)

*Enjoyed a lovely dinner with my wonderful husband…aawwwwee

*Did the dishes

*Baked pumpkin bars and made cream cheese frosting-the bomb

*Hung my picture collage in the stairwell (except the one frame that hates me and will not stay level-we have a date tonight!)

*Collapsed in bed!

It was a good day! Did you see Hart of Dixie? I think I will be in love with that show.

Off to finish Tuesday…possibly some hiking in my future this afternoon…and some Biggest Loser!

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