Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You know what I need after a long weekend….

A vacation!

*Disclaimer…I don’t have any pics yet…but I will soon (thanks for actually using your camera Errin!)

Hey there! I hope that everyone had an amazing Fourth of July weekend. Ours was busy, but awesome!!

Let’s have main.point.recap.time:

Friday: Half day at work followed by a bike ride up to the lake. And I cant really remember much more than that. Yikes.

Saturday: Because the races were on Monday, we all decided it would be nice to have a day to spend at home getting stuff done. So what did we do? Well-I used my awesome powers of persuasion to get Ken to go Garage-sale-ing with me again! It was pretty slim pickins’ – Holiday weekend and all. BUT I did mange to score a couple of sweet deals. A piece of artwork for the kitchen (with the $20 tag still on it) for $1 and a set of 4 cute kitchen décor dishes also for $1. I was stoked!!

Once we gave up, we wandered over to the dog park to let Jasper romp around. It was funny because just as we were finishing, Errin invited us up to the outdoor sand courts for a Jaspy play date with another friend’s dog. We headed up to play and Jasper had a blast! He was running around in the sand and jumping barriers like it was his job!

After his adventure, we headed home for lunch where Jasper proceeded to pass out on the couch. Ken and I may have been super lazy as well and hung out watching cycling on the couch with the mutt! Later in the afternoon in order to not seem like a total slacker I set out for a 5 mile fun run around the lake before getting back and starting the packing adventure. Camping takes a lot of work!

Sunday: I woke up nice and early and hopped out of bed (why aren’t work days like that). Got up, made breakfast, took Ken coffee in bed, finished packing stuff up and loaded the truck. Errin and Colin showed up and once everything was in, we headed out. The trip up to Breck was awesome. No traffic, gorgeous out….good times! We followed Lauren and Tim into camp and got everything set up pretty quickly.

Once we had finished the lunch thing, we headed into Breckenridge for the afternoon. Errin, Lauren and I took Jasper, Poncho and Moki for a trail run while the guys went out for a ride on their bikes. It was unbelievably beautiful! I could have run the trails for hours!!

We picked up a little ice and the girls and dogs returned to camp to get dinner started. Once again (because Lauren camps in total style), we had a mac-daddy dinner with fish and pasta and veggies and other amazingness. It was insane!! We hit the hay pretty early seeing as L and I had an early wake up call!

Monday: Now things start to get interesting! Lauren and I were up around 5:45 (really more like 5 for me…I was awake, but it was cold and I stayed in my sleeping bag!). We dragged ourselves out of bed and headed straight into town to warm up a little before the race. I ended up having two numbers-so I went on a quest to figure out which one was right-of course it was NOT the one I had pinned on my shirt! (That is just the start of the number fiasco). At 7:00 our race was underway. The course was tough but GORGEOUS. I LOVED running through the trails on the single track. I loved the downhill even more! Lauren is a ROCK STAR and finished 4th overall for women!! So awesome. I finished about 10 or 12 minutes behind her-but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the results. They have me listed under the wrong number and a WAY wrong time! Good thing this was just a “for fun” race. I was just thrilled to do it!

A few minutes after we got back to the car, the rest of our crew pulled into the parking lot. Amazingly, the person parked next to us was leaving and they got to pull right in! Convenient much? The guys got themselves all ready and we headed down to the starting line.


Picture stolen from Tim’s blog Winking smile



It was sweet watching Tim and Ken start together! Makes for good pictures…wink wink! Colin started a little while later and the race was ON!

The thing about spectating a 54 mile race is…you have a lot of downtime! Lauren, Errin and I spent the day hanging out (looking for shade). The dogs were content to chill in the dog park and play with each other. They totally formed their own little clique.

After the first 27 miles, the guys came through the “feed zone” where we handed bottles and other essentials to our respective riders. And then the set out for another 27 mile loop—goodness! I was surprised how good Ken looked at the end of the first…I don’t think we exchanged any words….too focused on the handoff!

Apparently the race was a tough cookie! Riders were throwing up their breakfast, crashing and struggling to keep going. Sounds like fun, yeah?

Here are some pictures that I found on




Cute, huh?

After looking good coming through on the first lap, Colin didn’t quite make it through the second and joined us to cheer for Tim and Ken as they finished. Don’t worry-364 more days to train for next year Winking smile

Tim did awesome and finished in 8th. Ken was not far behind finishing in 15th. Not too shabby for his first distance race, huh?! I was so proud of him. And that was with stopping 3 times for stretching breaks due to cramping legs! There may have been a little incident at the end with not being able to walk….cramping adductors=good times! Thankfully we had the Stick to work things out.

We headed to the creek so legs could be soaked in freezing water. I was a wuss and chickened out. BRRRR! Overall, it was a phenomenal day! We had some sandwiches and started the trek down the mountain (which maybe took forever in traffic). At home, we shoveled food into our mouths, sat on the couch, showered and went to BED! So much fun!!! So tiring!!

What a great weekend!

And yesterday I was so busy at work that I didn’t even have a second to blog….nice to come back to busy! Exhausting, but nice!

More pics to come later!!!

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