Friday, July 1, 2011

Three Day Weekend!

Hi there and happy super-d-duper Friday!! Aren’t Fridays before a long weekend the BEST?

Today I am working a shorter day….seeing as everyone is traveling or preparing for a weekend of parties. I can’t wait to go home and ride up to the lake with Ken and Jasper. It is gorgeous out. This weekend Ken, Colin and maybe Tim are excited to be riding the Firecracker 50. It is an awesome 50 mile race that takes place in Breckenridge. Nothing like a little altitude and 50 miles on a mountain bike! I am very excited to spectate!

Not to be left out of all things competitive, Lauren and I will be doing a 10k trail race at 7am (before the firecracker!) Bright and early- At least it will not be hot at that crazy hour of the day!!

Should be a super fun weekend….anybody else racing this weekend?

Let’s talk about the hilarity of last night. In the later part of the evening a thunderstorm rolled through our neighborhood. LOTS of lightning! Super loud thunder…you get the picture:



It was nuts outside…and I loved it! Someone that didn’t love it…this guy:


He was for sure not a fan! At one point there was a SUPER bright flash followed by a huge crack of thunder (it may have scared me a little). Before I knew it, there was a Vizsla in my lap. Like I said, not a fan.

When it came time to hit the hay, Jasper headed down to the basement?! I think he was confused (or maybe wanted to hang out where it was quite). I tried to get him to come upstairs, but it took a little coaxing from Ken before Jasper would join us in our bedroom.

Oh my crazy little peanut!

Well-I am off to get work done and head home to start the fun! I think I will start by cleaning the house…always a good time Winking smile

Happy 4th of July!!

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