Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maverick and a Motorized Bike

Yesterday was an out-of-the-ordinary exciting Tuesday night in our household. Normally I can count on Tuesdays to be a nice lame calm night of relaxing and catching up on some TV shows.

Well…not last night! After Ken picked me up from work, we headed home so he could drop me and Jasper off. He then began his trek down to Aurora…you will see why in a second. While he was gone, Jasper and I ran 3 easy miles up to the lake so he could swim. My legs felt like crap a little tired from Sunday’s race. When we got home, Ken called to say that he was on his way home-so I started dinner. He pulled into the driveway just as the chicken was ready to go on the grill…now that is what I call timing!

While we waited for it to cook….he showed me his new toy…


Looks like a little kid at Christmas, doesn’t he?


He is pretty excited…although it needs some TLC before it is ride-able! I know where I will be able to find him for the next few weeks.

Around 8 I was able to pry him away long enough to eat…hello starving! We had Brussel Sprouts, Brown Rice and Chicken stuffed with Feta and Spinach! So good!!!!!

Yes, that is Jasper eyeing the leftovers for Ken to take for lunch today…I’m mean.


I took care of the dishes while Ken worked for a little while in the…shocker…garage. I actually really like when he gets to spend time doing “man stuff.” That means I get to spend time cleaning up the house and being a total slacker chilling on the couch. Perfect!

We did sneak in some couch time watching The Voice…we kind of love that show!

I mentioned yesterday that we have a new member of our family…his name is Maverick…and yes, I did put a pink plant in a boy fish’s bowl.


Isn’t he beautiful?!


Jasper was so funny when we introduced them! He wanted to sniff the water. So welcoming of his new brother! I feel totally outnumbered in the XY vs XX chromosome world!

Today is filled with work (and church working from work-I HATE spreadsheets!) and then some excitement later. Two workdays in a row?! What the?!!

First, I get to pick up Jasper from Ken and take him on a 6 mile run (1 mile warm up and cool down with 2x2 miles at tempo-my legs are going to kill me!). Then, we get to watch Ken and Tim race short track on their mountain bikes….and THEN we are going out to dinner at Buddah CafĂ© with Lauren and Tim…who are we?

Alright…back to work!

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