Thursday, June 9, 2011

Short track and late night

Happy pre-Friday…day! It is an ugly.overcast.chilly.occasional raindrop. kind of day here. A far cry from yesterdays spectacular blue skies! Oh…and crazy clouds and drizzle in the evening…


Oh awesome clouds, how I love you!


It is so ugly driving into Boulder Winking smile

Yesterday I told you that our night was going to be fun-filled…and by golly….it was! I left work around 4:30 and headed to Boulder. Ken gave me Jasper and we drove over to the short track course. From there, Jasper and I set off on our run. Ugh. Not my best showing. I felt a bit icky…don’t know why…and it definitely showed in my run. I honestly was giving it all I had and couldn’t hold my normal tempo pace. Painful. My legs were less than excited to be doing a tempo run after the steep 10k race Sunday, but they held in there. Not sore at all today-hope that’s a good sign.

We finished our 6.1 miles (very easy warm up and cool down included) in about 53 or 54 minutes and wandered back to the race course. We had a little time to kill so we hung out in the parking lot and then cruised around looking for kids to play with. Jasper loves him some kids!

Just before 7, Errin and Colin arrived and we got to chit chat a little before the race began (um…I feel like we haven’t hung out in f.o.r.e.v.e.r….want to come over for dinner soon?). The race started a little early (I was afraid Ken would still be warming up and miss the start!). In normal Tim fashion, he arrived right before the start of the race…but for good reason, the just got a new pup!! You will meet him Saturday-Pancho!

The race was a ton of fun to watch.


Because it is “short track” it is short (duh) in length. The guys ride full out for 30ish minutes doing 6-8 laps (I think) and spectators get to watch the majority of the race (if you climb to the center). I LOVE this kind of race (kind of like cross)! I get to see Ken a ton and yell nasty encouraging words to him (and anyone else I know-yeah Tim, you’re welcome!).

Last night some of my favorites were:

“Ride faster!”

“You can totally catch that guy in front of you…he is wearing black and green…ewwww!!”

“You are smiling, that means you can ride harder!”

“Go catch Tim!”

“Last lap, pedal harder!”

and my meanest of the night (I actually felt a little bad about this one):

….as the guy behind him crashed….

“You’ve got some time now!”

No, I am not an Angel!


Blurred from a water drop on the lens…



The guys did excellent. Tim ended up in 3rd and Ken…well we are not quite sure yet, but top 10 for sure! There were a few awesome crashes and some people DNFed. Fun times as always.

Just as the race was finishing, Lauren arrived with Moki and the newbie! Pancho is 10 months old and looks RIDICULOUSLY similar to Moki! Super cute!!! The 3 dogs grappled in the grass…no growling, no teeth…they got along GREAT!!

After awhile, we realized we were starving and headed to the Buddah Thai place that Lauren and Tim love. I have to admit, it was quite wonderful!! Huge, delicious portions. I think Ken liked my Pad Thai better than his Chow Mein because he kept taking fork-fulls off of my plate! It is a good thing I know how to share! We ended up with just enough leftovers for Ken to have lunch today! Lucky guy! It was so much fun sitting on the patio and not freezing! Emily (from the Teva trip) even came and met us for dinner!!

By the time we got home it was about 10 (um…bedtime?) and by the time we got into bed…it was 11! Maybe that is why we overslept an extra 30 minutes this morning?! Somehow we made it to work at the same time as yesterday (when we woke up 30 minutes earlier!).

Today has been meetings…dog park…and work.

I got to bring this guy to work…can you tell how exciting he thinks it is?019

Church work tonight…6:30 to 9:30….another late night…oh boy!

See you tomorrow!

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